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Another busy day

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How are your preparations for Christmas coming along? With less than a week to go I am definitely feeling that the countdown has begun! All my presents are wrapped and ready but I haven’t thought much about food yet and I have a mountain of washing to get through. In an attempt to stay a couple of days ahead of the pack I stopped by Costco today to do the Christmas shopping; it was crazy! I can only imagine that the weekend will be much worse, so my advice would be to get there early or steer clear altogether people!


But my main focus this week is finishing up with clients so that I can take a bit of a holiday in January. I took a carload of cushions, rugs and mirrors to a client’s beautiful home this morning, where the floors have been stripped of carpet and sanded, and the painters have just finished painting in a warm light neutral with crisp white trims.

The old wingback armchairs were scored by my client at auction and were recovered in a grey/blue and green stripe. We still have a chandelier to hang and a chaise that’s getting recovered in the floral fabric from my last post – my upholsterer tells me it will be done by Monday – talk about cutting it close to the Christmas Day deadline!

I took this pic because I was struck by how festive our blue Madeline Weinrib runner looks paired with the newly-painted red front door (though I know you can’t really see the red here). Two big arched multi-paned mirrors are going above the chunky rustic table to the left, echoing the shape of the arched front doorway.

This week is a little bit mad, but it’s great to see long-planned schemes come together and bits and pieces finally going into clients’ homes.  Seeing clients happy at the completion of a job really is the best part.

Naomi xx

A before and after e-project

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One of my interstate clients sent me some photos today of the progress we have made in her bedroom redecoration, and I thought you might enjoy a look at the changes. I used to do quite a bit of work for e-clients, where all the work was done via email and photos sent back and forth. It was a great way to pick up work when I first started my own business and most of my clients found me via this blog.


These days my Melbourne and in-person work keeps me very busy, and I don’t really do email work anymore, but this bedroom shows that it is possible to make cosmetic changes solely via email- without ever meeting the client!


When this client contacted me she had a bland bedroom that she didn’t love. Baby number 2’s arrival was imminent and she wanted the bedroom to be more colourful, more cosy and more welcoming. She wanted colour and pattern against a base of black and white, with some Asian and ethnic influences. Here are the ‘before’ shots:

There was a lot of pine, in the floor, the bed and the bedside lamps. The client had already recently painted the room, and wanted to keep the black Louis chair, the Chinese screen above the bed and the Indian gown, but was happy for everything else to go!

We opted to keep costs down by retaining the existing white bedside tables, but added some colour with accessories and lamps. Here is how it looks now:

It made sense to stick with the original layout with the bed against the old fireplace. We covered a lot of the pine floorboards with a bright green Madeline Weinrib rug, and switched the old pine bed for a custom-made black upholstered headboard, behind a white bed from Ikea that also provides some under-bed storage.


We got rid of the old mannequin and instead hung the Indian gown on a white Chinese ladder. The wooden lamps were replaced with yellow ginger jar bases and shades made with a Florence Broadhurst fabric. We added a bone inlay stool and suzani, ikat and trellis fabrics for the cushions to bring in an ‘ethnic’ influence.


The chevron yellow and green storage baskets for the shelves in the bedsides are still on the way, and we need some more artwork for the wall, but overall much more cheerful!

Naomi xx




Shopping and colour inspiration

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I took this photo this morning in a shop to remind myself of the things I’d seen that I wanted to look up later, and it struck me later on how much I like the colours that just happened to be included in the picture: purple, black and white, turquoise and sea-blue, and bright green.

It made me think of other combinations of these sorts of colours, with an accent ‘pop’ colour, like acid yellow or green, or orange.




Inspiration can come from anywhere, don’t you find?

Naomi xx

A little project in zig zag

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So, remember these two stools I bought ages ago?

I scrapped my original plan for them and they are off to the upholsterer’s next week to be covered in this:

Zig zag by Alan Campbell for Quadrille (and yes, continuing in my navy theme from yesterday!).


christina murphy

I figure that not only will they go with all the other blue and white in my house at the moment, but they will also look ‘fabulous’ (my seven year old’s current favourite word) with the old sofa I’m getting recovered in a bright pink velvet (but that’s another story…). Blue and pink go so great together, don’t you think? Here’s an example using the same zig zag fabric my stools are getting:

This next pic is from a spread in Traditional Home a few years ago that I LOVED (still have it in a folder- for a long time this room was my vision for the perfect kitchen/family room extension- I picture the breakfast nook being around the left corner by the kitchen), again using the navy zig zag fabric for cushions:

Finally, I’m loving this dining area in blue and white. The room itself is great, with its gorgeous window, wall mouldings and shallow shelving, but I also love the pieces used: ikat wallpaper, lantern, french chairs with zig zag fabric, madeline weinrib rug. (As it happens I looked at this very lantern today when I was searching for lighting for two clients!).

jill unger

I have to paint my stools before they head to be re-covered- that’s a project for the weekend that I’ll keep you posted on!

Naomi xx



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