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  1. ReplyMargo

    Hi Naomi, Your website is very inspiring. I love the bedside table (brown/black). Can you tell me more about it? Price? Where I can get them from? Is it solid peice? Also do you think they will go well with a french polished cedar tallboy? Thinking of a buttoned bedhead in natural linen..What do you think? I am so new to this!

  2. Replyzahra

    love your blog,,,,,its fantastic

  3. ReplyAnna

    Stunning website- lovely taste. Love that you are in Victoria! When my boyfriend gets a move-on with the renovations you aer the top of my list to contact! Can't wait to see your portfolio

  4. ReplyMichelle

    Hi Naomi Absolutely love your website. I'm interested in your framed coral prints. How much are they and how do I go about ordering some? Thanks, Michelle

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Michelle, no problem, pleas email me for pricing. Cheers, Naomi

  5. ReplyFatin Mustaq

    Hi Naomi, Love your style! Gorgeous pieces beautifully put together. Nothing short of inspirational. I especially love the lamps you feature (most especially love the duck egg blue pineapple lamp - how can I get my hands on one of those?). Also, I'm curious as to how to hide the cords when lamps are placed on console and end tables. I always seem to have unsightly cords dangling down the backs of the tables! Thanks Ps- pls let me know about the pineapple lamps.

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Fatin, please see the email I sent you. Cheers, Naomi

  6. ReplySarah

    Hi Naomi, You are an inspiration to all the things that I love to look at and attempt to create in my own home. My creative mind will be even more so active with the constant viewing of your blog. Keep up the fantastic posts. Regards, Sarah

  7. ReplyBronwyn

    Hi, I have fallen in love with Madeline Weinrib's blue and cream zig zag rug and was wondering if you had any ideas on how I can get my hands on one in Australia and how much it would cost? Or something similar? Thanks, Bron

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Bron, yes Madeline Weinrib rugs and other similar varieties are available through me, just shoot me an email and I'd be glad to help! Naomi

  8. ReplyLucius Burwick

    Love your blog!

  9. ReplyTracey

    Hi Naomi I love all the inspirational pics on your blog. I have an old tan leather couch, cream rug, old jarrah floors and am desperate for some ralph Lauren blue and white cushions to give the punch of blue i am looking for. where can i get them? I live in Perth. Keep up the good work.

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Tracey, I have them custom made, email me and I'll give you some details! Thanks, Naomi

  10. ReplyLeatha

    Hi Naomi, I love your website and your taste ! I'm searching for a LV vintage cube trunk to use an an end table, in addition to a vintage hardsided piece of luggage to place on the top of a display cabinet. Any ideas where I can find these and what the going prices are ? Thanks for your help. -Leatha

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Leatha, Yes! I've emailed you. Thanks for your comment, Naomi

  11. Replycherill

    Hi Naomi. I was lazily blog surfing today and delighted to come across you and spent some happy time looking at your beautiful site. Just wanted to let you know I love your taste, especially your fabric and colour combos. Cherill W (Adelaide, SA)

  12. ReplyEllise@CharlesWhyte

    Hi Naomi, I loved having a squiz through these photos! So many gorgeous "collections". You have a great eye. x Ellise

  13. ReplyDeanne Masters

    Love love your style, do you watch nate berkus show? i love mixing old and new and reinventing op shop finds. Love reading your blog, you give my dull melbourne days a sparkle from Deanne

  14. Replykate

    What a wonderful site, so thrilled to find you as we share the same style of decor interest. Wondered if you know where to locate the stripe wallpapers in Australia, as I wish to do up a bathroom with it? Thankyou so much. Kate

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by! I'd love to help you with wallpapers, just drop me an email with what you're after! Naomi x

  15. Replyamy

    Hi there, I found your fab blog just googling "kelly green, " and lo and behold you popped up! I had to write because your description of yourself sounds exactly like me! The only thing I would add is cooking...love to cook too. Just wanted to say hello :) Sincerely, Amy

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Amy, great to 'meet' you and thaks for stopping by! And I love to cook too :) Naomi x

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