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Hanging Art: Picture Walls

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 Yesterday’s post on Rita Konig’s apartment has got me thinking about picture / art walls. There is definitely an art to hanging art. Even arrangements that look unplanned are most successful when some thought has gone into the layout. The general rule that I work by when hanging a lot of differently-sized frames is to start with the biggest piece (but don’t necessarily hang it in the centre) and work outwards. You can work in a grid fashion with even spacing between each frame or a circular pattern for a more casual, accidental look.

traditional home

My all-time favourite (above) that I use as a benchmark for my ‘etching wall’ at home. I hope one day it will look something like this! I love the mix of frames -black, gold, timber – but that all the art is colourless, just drawings and etchings. I love love it!


the white company

mary macdonald

via zatista

top: tom scheerer, bottom: eric cohler, via eyespy

absolutely beautiful things

traditional home

above three images via decorology

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2 Responses to “Hanging Art: Picture Walls”

  1. Shannon Grazin says:

    Great thanks for the tips and the inspiration, this type of thing always leaves me stumped but you’ve given me some great food for thought here x

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