I was going to post about another project I’m working on today, but I just can’t bring myself to talk about decorating when my heart and mind are with the little angels who were brutally killed at Sandy Hook Elementary last week. I mentioned it briefly a couple of days ago but it’s a crime that’s so shocking that it’s not something I can push from my mind with the justification that it happened a long way away, it doesn’t effect me, and I wanted to more adequately express my horror and heartbreak.  It’s impossible to imagine what the families are going through, but the damage done to that community and to our World community is irreparable; this horrific thing can never be undone. I want this Christmas to be fun and magical for my own children, and I want to protect them from the evil that is in the world, but how is it possible to celebrate when those innocent children were so violently deprived of their own Christmas happiness? How do we get past something like this? I’m really struggling with this tonight. And I’m praying, not only for those families whose hearts must be completely broken, but for more kindness and for change.

Naomi xx

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  1. ReplyAnna

    Well said Naomi, this terrible act defies belief and the suffering those families will endure for the rest of their lives is unimaginable. I too hope for change and that it can be done irrespective of politics for the sake of humanity. In the meantime I'm hugging my little bunnies a little tighter and thanking my lucky stars every day for the wonderful gifts that they are and the happiness they bring to our lives. Wishing you and your little ones a lovely Christmas! Anna x

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Anna, I hear you, I'm doing the same, and feeling more grateful for them than ever. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Naomi xx

  2. ReplyMelissa

    I totally agree Naomi. Just because we live far away in Australia doesn't make this any less horrific. It has truly impacted the World, but I know I feel helpless to do something about America's obsession with guns. Why should the rights of children to feel safe at their school and indeed, to be safe, play second fiddle to the rights of the emotionally childish adults' rights to own weapons, so they can go around pretending to be Dirty Harry or Rambo?!! Surely a weapon that can deliver multiple shots is unsuitable for the civilian's need. If these outrageous acts were seen as acts of terrorism, which they certainly are, and these guns reclassified as weapons capable of mass destruction and reserved only for military purposes, then the potential for such multiple destruction of innocent lives would be greatly lessened. As a gunman had to stop to reload he could be tackled and stopped. The odd thing is that the second amendment was made, so citizens could feel safe and protected, but now no one can feel safe because of the ease by which the mentally unstable or the terrorist, can get hold of these terrifyingly powerful weapons and use them to slaughter innocent victims, often young children.

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Melissa, I absolutely agree. I find the ease with which anyone can get hold of a gun in America frightening. Thanks so much for your comment and perspective. Naomi x

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