My new favourite house!

I am so in the market for a new house! Something like this would be a dream – timber-lined walls for that tropical/beachy feel (there’s not a lot of this in Melbourne I have to say, but it was everywhere in Brisbane) – a big open plan living room with soaring ceiling (below), and that amazing front door that you can see in the mirror’s reflection. I also LOVE all the lanterns – I’m a big fan of lantern-style lighting. See that rug (above)? We are using an almost identical pale patchwork cowhide rug in the entry way of a client’s house. I love this entry setup with the huge mirror behind the hall table.

Another lantern! Love the white walls and the white piping on the black chair covers, all paired with a big rustic timber table- and those windows!

Do I need to mention the lantern in the kitchen?

Love the pared-back windows with no curtains and the modern take on a Moroccan style sitting area (above). I could very easily play my copycat room here too…

Do you think the bed was placed at this angle for the photo or that it’s always like this? The simple white wardrobes are perfect- they just blend into the background here.

This room is just about perfect for me! I always love a mixture of the refined and elegant, and the rustic and masculine. And all those textures are gorgeous..

My Dream room!!

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. ReplyDiedre

    I love it too. All those neutrals and black and white, gorgeous

  2. ReplyNadine

    Nice! I especially love the wall paneling in the dining area. :)

    • Replynomagirl1

      Yes, love that timber paneling too! It's so much more interesting that plain old white plaster board isn't it?

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