Decisions, decisions (and a project)

A little hunt for a faded vintage rug today turned up these beauties – I just love the patterns and the colours. Antique rugs are always a little faded and a little worn, and to me this just adds to their beauty and charm…

I’ve also been on the hunt for some office chairs for an ongoing project, and have been weighing up the relative merits of these (among many others):

We want something classic but in that mid-century sort of style, with some warmth to it that will add a bit of an organic touch to what is otherwise a very glam room. I love both!

Also this morning we took delivery of a new lovely charcoal sofa for the same home, which looks like this on the website:

And is even nicer in person, with a fantastic texture:

(As always, drop me an email if you’re interested in anything that you see on my blog!)

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  1. ReplyJaime

    Hi Niaomi, I am interested in the kilim rugs posted above...they are gorgeous. I am in the United States though? Do you know where I could find similar ones here or a website I could purchase them from? Thank you for your help Jaime

  2. ReplyAnna

    Hi Naomi, I've just discovered your blog and loving looking at all the pics and your posts! I was just looking at the rugs on your Aug 12 post -the geometric ones - where did you discover these? i'm looking for something similar. Thanks! Anna

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by! All the products I show are available through me, just email me for details and pricing if you're interested. I agree these were gorgeous rugs! naomi

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