A possible rug find?

My sister and I popped over to Spotlight this afternoon to buy supplies for a little project, and while we were there spied these colourful striped rugs. Spotlight is not the first place I’d think of to find a half-decent rug, but the colours in these begged me to make a closer inspection.


Turns out they are handmade in India and only $100, at 60% off(!). We thought they looked a little missoni-esque(?). The lighter one in particular could look really great in a living space and gives you some great colours to draw from. I liked the colours in the other one but once it was rolled out it looked a bit too dark for me and, I swear, EXACTLY like the carpet in my childhood Sunday school.

They also had a couple of nice cushions that, if you took them out of the context of most of the other cheapo-looking ones, could look fantastic – notably this turquoise and purples ikat silk ($20):

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