A new colour fave: blue and green

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I’m not sure who this lady is but I am in love with the colour combination she has going on! Love that blue and green painting. Her peep of blue shoes match the walls! Even the birdcage – which looks like it might be metal rather than made of timber – is gorgeously stylish. This is my new favourite colour combination: blue and green with white thrown in and some timber and/or gold to accent. I’ve been pondering this combo for awhile now ever since I saw this gorgeous room:

And I’m in love with the faux-bamboo pagoda chandelier!

southern living

I know there’s not a lot of blue in this picture (above), but the leaves in the wallpaper hint at pale blue. I’m very into chinoiserie at the moment and I just love this shade of green against the white and the gold mirror.
Don’t the hydreangeas perfectly match the blues and greens of the cushions and curtains? (above)

dwellers without decorators


This room (above) has long appealed to my blue-and-green-loving self. Lime green and aqua blue work so well with navy. I love the twin white bookshelves, the pale blue walls and all the geometrics in the room.

steven gambrel

Steven Gambrel is a decorating genius, I looove his work! Something as simple as a green chair added to this room (above) brings everything to life. And I love the way he’s used a darker blue paint to make sense of the unusually-shaped walls.
Now, where to incorporate green and blue at home? I have neutral and grey walls but I’ve been toying for ages with the of wallpapering the front entry hall, painting the lounge room grey/purple, green, blue pink..you can tell I want some more colour on the walls!  I have this paint (with matching gogo toy, thanks boys):


that I bought from the Bunnings ‘mistints’ table in the paint section – I just couldn’t not get it! Now, where to use it…

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. ReplySal

    Yes! Love this colour combo! Great pics x

  2. ReplyLani

    Yes I love that combination in the first pic too. The painting looks amazing against the wall color and so does the sweater!

  3. Replynancy @ {COZAMIA}

    Its a pretty unique combo no? its giving me some ideas for our bedroom...I love the fireplace mantle with the gold mirror against the green.

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