Saturday House of Inspiration – Marco Meneguzzi

This week I want to begin posting (I say begin because I am sure I will post many many times on this topic) about one of my favourite Australian designers/decorators: Marco Meneguzzi.

Marco Meneguzzi's work in Home Beautiful

My ‘Marco’ story goes like this: I have always collected pictures from magazines of homes and interiors that I love, and filed them away according to style, colour, things suited to improving the home that I was living in at the time. But then I have my ‘favourites’ file, which is a fat folder of random clippings that I keep separate because they represent the epitome of my favourite style- they were just so in tune with what I love and am drawn to. Anyway one day I was going through my ‘favourites’ file and pulling out all the houses and rooms that fit with my current mood for my own home – a blend of classic, casual, ‘Hamptons-y’ styles – and when I looked closely, they were ALL by the same designer: Marco Meneguzzi. Later that week I remembered two other houses that I loved, one in a book and another from a magazine, and when I found them, you guessed it: Marco again! 

Marco’s interiors are very classic but not stuffy and he uses a lot of ‘drab’ neutral colours. I feel a Hamptons, American East Coast vibe in his work, as well as a Ralph Lauren-type aesthetic. The white-painted booshelves are very upmarket-coastal style, as are natural elements like the bamboo blinds, sisal rug, wicker basket and, through the doorway, textured wallpaper in the foyer.

My favourite flooring combination is dark timber or limewashed floorboards teamed with natural materials for rugs and carpets like a jute or sisal, as in this gorgeous Sydney home.

(I’ll post some more of Marco’s work soon!)

This designer is used to working with multi-million dollar budgets, but how do you create this look on a budget? Here are things to shop for and remember in your decorating:

For floors, use dark-stained timber in cool tones or limewashed floorboards, then cover anchor sitting or dining areas with sisal/seagrass rugs.

Keep walls white or, if budget allows, use a natural-fibre textured wallpaper.

Stick to dark timbers for furniture, and use neutrals, navy, white or ticking for upholstery.

Use natural textures like wicker trays, baskets, cane furniture (natural or dark), bamboo blinds.

Turn up the style with antique furniture and mirrors, ginger jars and books, and keep bookshelves neat and orderly.

If you would like help re-creating this look (with your personal spin) at your home, please contact me!

Here are some other inspirational rooms decorated in what I call the Upmarket Coastal style:

Probably the most famous example of 'Hamptons' decorating is the house in the movie 'Something's Gotta Give'

This image says it all: white walls, black floors, white upholstery and an accent of nautical blue - image via lily-g

Sophisticated restraint: love the slip-covered chairs - image via highstreetmarket blog

image via inside out colour and design

Limed timber walls, gorgeous statement lamps and a worn zinc-topped table love! room by Nate Berkus

image from Verandah

Beach style with class - Ralph Lauren

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  1. ReplySammy

    I love this classic style but hadn't heard of the designer. It's nice to find something online that suits my taste so perfectly! I love an Australian take on Hamptons style, thanks for this I'm feeling very inspired

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