Sticking to a colour scheme

I love the idea of a co-ordinated home, with a colour scheme limited to 3 or 4 main colours, where everything looks like it is supposed to go together, but that still looks like a home with personality. It’s easy to do it with other people’s homes, and easy to edit things down when you can look at them objectively. I find that it’s so so easy in my own home, where I change things – furniture/accessories/colours – constantly!

I am really loving this home’s colour scheme: black, white, blue, with accents of pale pink. I adore the pink, and love blue/white/pink together. But take out the pink and in its place put green. Or yellow. Or red. See what I mean? Because the pink is in blocks of colour it works just as well with other colours that look good with blue. Those horizontally-striped curtains are fabulous, and I love the way they’re continued throughout. 

What a difference a giant mirror makes! I wonder if the lattice-pattern on the walls is a paper? I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to create the same effect with tape and paint. Love it!

interiors by samantha pynn

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  1. Replynancy @ {COZAMIA}

    OK, you have such amazing eye candy on your blog, I seriously can't stop browsing through it all, these are so damn pretty!

    • Replynomagirl1

      Thank you and it's great to have other design-obsessed people to share it with! Thanks so much for stopping by, Naomi x

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