Maldon antiques and H.W. Trading

My favourite thing about going to country towns is visiting the junk and antiques shops and looking for new treasures to bring home. So when I heard that there was an antique fair this weekend at Maldon, a town a couple of hours outside Melbourne, I was eager to take a look. I am very lucky to have a father-in-law who shares my enjoyment of antique shopping and bargain hunting so yesterday we headed, along with two of my chidren, to country Victoria.

I turned out to be less like an antique fair and more like a giant garage sale. There wasn’t a lot of furniture or large items but lots of small things like these amethyst glass bottles (above). It must be a first for me, but I didn’t find anything to buy yesterday. It’s still interesting to look, though.

Like I said, lots of old bottles!

My 6 year-old wanted me to buy these old weapons (above). I don’t mind old swords as an idea for a display if mounted on a wall.

This gold teaset was $120. I liked the round oak table, too.

This tole chandelier caught my eye – $200.

This was a shop in Maldon selling white linens and lace. I liked what they had done with the light in their window – just an ordinary white pendant light (like from Ikea) with a small linen tablecloth slipped over the shade.

On the way home from Maldon we stopped in Castlemaine at our friend Hugh’s tribal rug exhibition. Hugh operates H.W.T (Hugh Webb Trading), where he sells beautiful nomadic tribal rugs that he brings over from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We stopped at his temporary exhibition room (separate from his shop), which is full of gorgeous colourful woven rugs and textiles.

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. ReplyRuth S

    These rugs are gorgeous, I love the traditional kilims. I'll be sure to stop by next time I'm out that way!

  2. ReplyLynne

    Sounds like a fun day in Maldon. Little country towns can be so much fun and oh so friendly. Usually a nice bakery to be found if not antiques. Probably best you didn't go home with a boot load, sounds like you have enough projects on at the moment. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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