Saturday House of Inspiration – Diane Bergeron

After showing pictures of her home in another post this week, my House of Inspiration this week has to go to the work of interior designer Diane Bergeron. I am in love with the colourful American aesthetic that comes through in her work. You might have seen some of these images in Ivy and Piper online, while the others come from Vogue Living or from her website. I am very in tune with this sort of look. I love the use of something black and white in every room, which a bright colour added. The black and white could be in a rug, furniture, picture frames or a photo. The colour brings everything to life, but the black and white, especially in graphic or geometric pattern, keeps the look modern. Take a look and feel inspired!

This is what I want my blind in my office to look like (above). Love that green and grey geometric stair runner!

A simple concept that looks so great (above): use a single fabric Рhere the blue chevron in chair and window treatments Рas the dominant pattern in a room, with a pop of bright colour Рorange Рas an accent.

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  1. ReplyNadine

    I adore this house and there's so much in there that I am going to get the 'wants' for! I love all the fabric: beautiful! ..... that Japanese man ornament (pic 6) was in the op shop window for $15 (only yesterday) but I had to come back when the shop re-opened and it was GONE.... :(

    • Replynomagirl1

      Hi Nadine, I know that feeling - I saw a bamboo coffee table this week in an op shop, thought about it overnight and when I went back the next day a lady was just paying for it. It was soo frustrating! The moral for me is never walk away from something in an op shop! Naomi x

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