Sunshiny blue day

It’s been raining this week in beautiful Melbourne, so when I woke up today and saw that the sun was shining I went outside to our garden to cut some flowers to bring inside. Sadly, there were no flowers out (or more accurately, I have almost no flowers planted -yet), though the hydrangea is starting to flower – can’t wait until it’s ready to cut!

I know some people think of them as ‘granny flowers’ but I think they are just gorgeous! Mine are the white ones.

Anyway, instead of flowers I just brought inside some green foliage, which can be just as nice as flowers and still brings that feeling of freshness inside. I would LOVE to have a garden full of things I could cut and have in vases around the house, but my garden is definitely a work in progress.

And what better to do on a beautiful sunny day than go house-hunting! My parents are looking for a new house project and my Mum wants something very run-down with lots of character and lots of bushy garden and of course, lots of potential. The house we looked at today didn’t tick those boxes, though I loved the front porch:

But as we were walking up the street another house caught my eye, not for my parents but for me!!

Oh how I would love to get my hands on this beautiful old home and restore it (and that garden). Now that’s what I call a fun project!

Finally, as we drove away I spotted the perfect house for my parents in the perfect location:

I just loved the way it was hidden behind a bit of a secret garden and shaded by established trees. I loved the ivy growing up the outside walls, too. It had (hard to see in the pics) bay windows upstairs and downstairs and lots of charming lttle windows- now I just have to talk them into buying it!

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  1. ReplyPansy Hortillosa

    I love those colors. Very warm and bold. I want it in my living room.

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