Blue libraries

I have been obsessed with the idea of having a blue library for awhile now. I love the idea of being wrapped in a dark colour for reading/watching tv, and am detrmined that when (someday) I have a separate room in my house for all the books which are currently stored in boxes in our garage, it will be all blue! This is my dream room (I am picturing the other walls are covered in bookshelves):

elle decor

 My three favourite colours all in one gorgeous room: grey, blue and purple. I am soo in love with the walls covered in framed pictures, too. I like that it’s not too matchy-matchy, that the sofa is painted white, but the chair is natural timber, and that there’s a hint of gold.

house beautiful

This is another favourite (above) by Ashley Whittaker. I like the way the ‘library’ is (in my mind) one end of an open-plan room, which is delineated by the table behind the sofa. An it reads as a wide room, though the sofa and chinese table are actually quite narrow. The floral chairs and blinds keep it casual and happy.
This library is such a dark shade of blue (above) that it could easily feel like a formal, serious rom. That fab bird painting and the blue and white zebra fabric keeps it young and fun. 

elle decor

 Where can I get a pair of those amazing tan leather and chrome chairs?

ashley whittaker

 This is a great way to introduce blue at home, without going for the full ‘blue library’ effect: Paint your bookshelves blue to tie in with the fabric on an armchair. It looks cohesive but very casual and fresh.

elle decor

 I remember being fixated on this house (above) the month it appeared in Elle Decor magazine. The owner described (from memory) this room as being painted a ‘greyhound blue-grey’ which is exactly what it looks like! Again, love those colours – grey,blue, purple and this time, a pop of bright pink. I also love the fun rug – the owner dyed the rug herself using purple fabric dye. So fabulous!

living etc

 Modern-style book heaven!

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