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Picture walls

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Yesterday morning my two sisters and I braved an ominous-looking stormy sky and headed to the markets. It didn’t rain and we had a lovely time scouting for bargains and treasures, particularly for my sister Bethany, who will shortly be moving into a new apartment in Sydney. One of the things she bought was a series of black and white architectural and street-scape photographs to add to her collection to create a black-framed photo wall, similar to the one above.


A wall of similarly framed photos or drawings has just as much impact as a single large painting, and often can be done much more cheaply! (Hooray for Ikea Ribba frames! I know we’ve all used them) I love that a picture wall can look modern or classic, masculine or feminine, like that gorgeous top bathroom.

Naomi x

Seafoam and duck egg blue

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Remember that kitchen with the seafoam green/blue splashback tiles from the tv show Revenge? Here’s a refresher:

Well I have been thinking about that kitchen and all the other places I’ve seen that beautiful ocean-inspired colour used. It looks stunning in tiles to bring just a hint of colour into a kitchen or bathroom (especially in a Hamptons-inspired house!):

Or used for cabinetry or in lighting and accessories:

Of course these colours work great in bedrooms and living areas too. A combination I particularly love is duck-egg blue paired with taupe or shades of brown. Here’s an example in a  bedroom:

When I think of seafoam fabrics, the most famous that springs to mind is ‘Riad’ in seafoam by Windsor Smith. Here it is used in her own home:

I’ve used this fabric in other colourways several times but never in the seafoam. After revisiting these pics I’m inspired to try to find a place to use it! Joni from Cote de Texas also used it when she helped her neighbour redecorate:


The walls in this open-plan space (above) are also painted in a ‘seafoam’ colour. Here’s another ‘Hamptons’ living space using duck egg blues:

So, could you live in a house entirely decked out in these colours? I think I could.

My sister is in town for the weekend so I’m looking forward to a fabulous time. Hope your weekend is marvellous.

Naomi xx

A relaxed country/beach house

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You might have seen this Hamptons beach house before in House Beautiful, but I’ve just come across and love its casual, relaxed style. It wouldn’t even need to be near the beach – I can imagine this as a country cottage opening onto a beautiful garden, where you can keep the doors open all day as you cook, read, relax and potter about outside. I love the faded reds, the antique rug, the kitchen’s chequered tile floor, the toile chair – I’m still a fan of this fabric, and you can’t have a country cottage without a bit of toile!

Naomi x

Work in progress

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This beautiful Madeline Weinrib rug came in yesterday for a project I am working on in Adelaide. For the master bedroom my client and I decided on a scheme mainly of yellow and green, with the main pieces of furniture all in black or white, and with some touches of pink and purple in the bed cushions.

We wanted a bit of an eclectic look, with hints of luxury, Asian and ethnic styles all combined. With the rug we are using some bright yellow ginger jar lamps, an inlaid bone stool and some touches of suzani, ikat and Florence Broadhurst fabrics. It sounds like a lot for one room I know, but it’s going to be fabulous and beautiful!

Naomi x

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