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Two fabulous beach houses

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My good friend Lynne in Perth shares my obsession with house-hunting and dreaming of places in the country or by the sea. She often sends me fantastic houses that she has found, and these two beach houses are the latest. Both amazing in their different ways, which do you prefer (if you had to choose one!)?


The first one is very ‘Hamptons’, in Somers, Vic, and is situated right on the beach:

Amazing right?


The second house is in Lorne, Vic, and is just as impressive but quite different. Rather than being on the beach, it’s situated in the mountains overlooking the water. It also has more of a French Provincial feel rather than the feel of a ‘beach house’. The things I love about this house (aside from the obvious!), are that it feels private and secluded, and really warm and cosy as well as being filled with light. You know I love a house on a hilltop!


Look at that floor and ceiling! What a dream!

So, if you were in the unfortunate position of having to choose between these two amazing homes, which would you pick?

(I think they are both still for sale)

Naomi xx

Pink, pattern and upholstery projects

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It’s been a little while since my last post, and what can I say? Sometimes life and other things get in the way of quality blogging time.. This past week has been full of distractions, among them a sick toddler, a visit from my very good friend Carolyn from Adelaide (we spent a day working on plans for her new house), not to mention the brief diversion that was the Labor leadership challenge, work and regular homework and housework duties!


After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided on a hot pink fabric with stud trim for the re-upholstery of a French-style sofa. I’m really liking pink at the moment, paired with black and white or with other colours. The pink and yellow fabrics in one of the rooms above are just gorgeous together. And speaking of re-upholstery, I’m also really liking more than one fabric on the one piece at the moment. Like with the chairs above, using a solid on the front and a coordinating pattern on the backs for a subtle little surprise and added interest.


I’ve also been doing a lot of online house-stalking, I must post some this week!

Have a great day,

Naomi xx



Blues and pretty things

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Over the weekend I spent a good portion of my down time looking at properties for sale on Domain and thinking about how I’d decorate them if they were mine. In an ideal world I’d have a few different houses in various locations that would suit the different colours and styles I love (country house, beach house, mountain chalet, modern city pad etc.) I do like to dream! I’m quite taken with the very dark blue (or is it black?) walls and door above for an entryway, especially mixed with the interesting shapes and collections in this Serena & Lily ad.


Again, it’s all about contrasting styles and shapes (and blues) in this room. The lack of symmetry in the furniture layout, the off-centre rug and the small central table shouldn’t work, but they do combine to make this room more relaxed and ‘young’. The fiddle leaf figs trees and pink flowers are the stars here though.

Relaxed, rustic, casual, textured: all perfect for my beach house (above)..

There’s a lot going on here (above), but it’s a fun space and I like the white and neutral base with the colours added through cushions.

The soft greys, blues and pinks here would be perfect for a reading corner in my country cottage, or perhaps a ladies’ guest room?

Have a great Monday!

Naomi xx

A perfect room

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I talk quite a bit about masculine style in decorating, and how much I’m drawn to ‘masculine’ spaces and pieces. I think this room is the perfect example of how to create a stylish and sophisticated masculine space. Wouldn’t this be a great room for a style-conscious teenage boy? A lot of it is about texture; polished nickel lamp, the clean lines of the shelving and bed, the beat-up vintage trunk, the matte side table with stud trim, some antique accessories and a chunky floor rug. The colours and the composition of pieces is also great. I can see my boys in a room like this in a few years!

I’m finally emerging from the haze of illness today and trying to get on top of the daunting list of unread emails that need replying to…My few days in bed have enabled me to view just about every gorgeous country property and weekender for sale in Australia. And now I’m thinking….Tasmania! I’ve always loved the climate and the landscape there and you would not believe the beautiful historic properties available. I might post some next week. Just need to talk husband into it!

Have a great weekend All,

Naomi xx

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