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Warm rooms and high ceilings

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You know my obsession with double-height rooms? I was doing a little research online looking for inspiration for if I could build a new house (yes, I am a busy woman but this was down-time at about 4:30 this morning), and looking at said tall rooms and saw this:

I really like that glimpse through to the hallway under the upstairs walkway, and the iron balcony overlooking the living room. I used to draw pictures of rooms like this when I was little – and I still love this neo-classical, luxurious style. And I LOVE that double-height room!

But it’s not just the architecture I’m drawn to; I’m a big fan of warm and cosy colours and comfortable rooms that envelop you. I like white walls in the right room but where you want a room to feel luxurious and ultra-comfy I prefer warmer shades like sands, tans, honeys and stone sort of colours.

Here’s another example:

I love all these warm tones with the rusts in the rug and also the fabrics; silk in the curtains and leather on the chairs. Add a little black and a little brass or gold and you’ve got a beautiful room that feels luxurious, grown-up and expensive!

Remember the house from the movie ‘It’s Complicated’?. It had that same warm and cosy feel but without the formality (above). The rusty reds add to the warm feeling.

Here’s another example (and another zebra rug!):

I really like how well taupes go with duck-egg blues.

But back to the double-height rooms, I realised when I looked through some of my photos that I seem to have a thing for tall stone fireplaces, too:

though I think it’s mainly the height thing that appeals to me. Here’s another favourite from Traditional Home:

The high ceilings and the connection between the two floors is definitely on my House Wish-List!

I’ll be away in Sydney all this week for the trade fairs and to check on a couple of projects so I’m not sure that I’ll be back until next week, hopefully full of new inspiration! So until then have a great week.

Naomi xx

Feeling Beachy

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You know those weatherboard houses I mentioned in my last post? I’ve been pondering them and am becoming a little obsessed with the idea of finding a little place with lots of timber-lined tongue and groove walls and also- and this would be critical – pitched ceilings! It wouldn’t have to be a ‘beach shack’; there are lots of houses with ‘cathedral ceilings’ (real estate agent speak) built in the 70’s that are heavy on the orange timber – I’d break out the white paint big time!

I just love this airy outdoor dining area with the big iron lantern.

Maybe it’s the hot weather we’re having at the moment here in Melbourne, but I’m really craving those pale sea and sand colours, lots of white-painted timber, open airy spaces and lots of greenery.

There’s a house around the corner from me that’s doing an upstairs extension and they’ve just installed a window upstairs very similar to this oval one – it looks great and makes me very curious to see inside..

There’s another oval window! (above)

This to me is the perfect relaxed kitchen, with stools around a table instead of an island with storage underneath, and the long open shelving.

I remember reading about this room in house beautiful mag (above), where they had used a rough raw silk to upholster the chesterfield sofas but then a leather on the seats – great idea! I also love the collection of inexpensive framed pictures lined up above the square doorways.

My dream butler’s pantry (above)!

caitlin creer

In this hot weather all I want to do is hibernate at home, but with school starting next week and my being away all next week, there’s a lot of last minute school shopping, labelling of a million books and items of school apparel and cleaning to do (whenever I have to go away I expect to return to the world’s messiest house under husband’s watch – but as long as everyone survives it’s ok. It’s nice to feel needed right?).

Have a great Tuesday,

Naomi xx

Around the house

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I am really, really loving having my kids at home these holidays. We’ve had our share of arguments and wrestling matches (during which yesterday a front tooth was lost – a wobbly one though), but it’s lovely not having to rush off to school every morning. I’m still getting some work done during the toddler’s nap times too. Over the past few days I’ve really enjoyed going through some of my design books and magazines that pile up everywhere.

This week I bought the 2011 makeover issue of Coastal Living (please excuse dodgy iphone pics above and to follow)- it’s fantastic though made me feel woefully out of date as I’ve seen several of the pictures before online (and the prices for these ‘special edition’ US mags is outrageous- $19 for a magazine!). It features several makeovers/renovations that I love, though I like especially the ones where they’ve modified the original house a little but basically just used a ton of white paint and then decorated. These seem so much more attainable and therefore more inspiring, and have me thinking about where I want to live next.

(I didn’t realise this pic was so blurry sorry! But had to include it as the house is so amazing)

Just about all the houses in the magazine (remember it’s coastal living, so this explains it a bit) are weatherboard and two -story with decking along the front. Wouldn’t it be great to find something like this overlooking water? So much cheaper to add on to or modify than brick houses, and there’s something so satisfying about painting timber white- ceilings, walls and floor!

We are off on more weekender house-hunting this Saturday. I drove by the last house I mentioned, but was very disappointed to find that the ‘front’ of the house actually faces the side of the block. Does this matter? It made the place so much less attractive to me, that the living room doesn’t face the street, and that the main bedroom does. What do you think? I know it sounds silly but one of the things I imagined was how nice a Christmas tree would look from the street placed in the living room’s bay window. But actually, the bay window faces the fence..

On the topic of having magazines and design books on every available surface, I found a gorgeous antique Flemish chest of drawers the other day when I was out looking for pieces for clients (this happens not irregularly)

On my travels I also saw some lovely geometric black and white decorative boxes at Early Settler. I forgot to take a pic of them but when I saw them I thought of this room:

(the ones in the shop are small for coffee tables etc). I just love the green of the wall, the blues in the painting against it and the simple black and white furniture pieces. It goes to show how a little black and white geometric pattern can bring a pop to a classic room – and I think I’ve just talked myself into picking up a couple of those boxes!

I’m also loving this grey and yellow mixed with warm timber (and great windows). And this library with an antique rug in blues and bookshelves painted black on the insides..

thomas o'brien

Sorry for the slightly random and meandering post! Have a great weekend.

Naomi xx

Pales and greys

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last 3 images: sally wheat via cote de texas

I’m trying to slowly sift through all the pics on my desktop and came across some gorgeous grey rooms that I haven’t looked at in awhile. Greys, light or dark, are so soothing and to me create the perfect backdrop to any colour. Isn’t the top bedroom with just a hint of dusky pink divine? And that hallway with the sisal carpet and leopard runner and interesting door mouldings is definitely on my Dream Home list!

Just having a quiet day at home with the kids today, catching up on folding washing, emails and paperwork, and playing dollhouses. All important and good fun.

Naomi xx

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