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Versions of a Dream House and Garden..

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As we count down to Christmas this week it’s a whirlwind of finals; final day at Kindy, Final playgroups, Christmas break-ups and farewell catch-ups (though only for a couple of weeks!). There’s also a lot of shopping, cooking, cleaning and wrapping going on in our house, and much excitement!

Amidst all that I wanted to share some of the outdoor spaces that I am just loving at the moment, like this beautiful wisteria-surrounded doorway above. There’s a real sense of mystery about what’s down that intriguing hallway..

Now this (above) is a dream English country house! Beautiful windows with shutters, a gorgeous garden, all that lovely stonework, heaven!

There’s something about all those long French doors and windows, the private courtyard and all that untamed greenery that makes this a perfect outdoor space (and house design!- above).

These pics (above and below) were sent in to me by a reader after my visit to Paul Bangay’s garden a few weeks ago. Stuart Rattle’s garden (I posted about the house here) was open on the same day but I didn’t manage to get to it (distracted en route by lovely shops at Woodend).

The house is an old schoolhouse. Stuart added the second floor, most of the windows and a kitchen wing. I love his colour scheme outside.

You can see the garden is a bit more ‘loose’ and though structured, the plantings are a little wilder and softer that at Paul’s house. So beautiful. And I love the little outdoor room (below).

Have a great Tuesday!

Naomi x

Neutrals with a hint of glam

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I wanted to post a few pics of designer Nam Dang-Mitchell’s home and work – I think her spaces are so sophisticated and I love the way she mixes a lot of neutrals with subtle colour, hints of glam and modern artwork. The dark grey kitchen and the living room above with the hints of sea green are among my faves!

Hope you have a great Saturday


(pics from House & Home and Nam’s website)

Wonderful Christmas House

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I’ve mentioned before that one of my favourite magazines for Christmas decorating inspiration is Traditional Home. I’m not really one for modern Christmas decorations (wreaths of coloured baubles and the like), and prefer a more traditional approach; really I have always been seduced by that luxury of lots of foliage, beautifully wrapped gifts, deep colours, twinkling lights in a dark room, crystal and silver..

but it doesn’t have to be red and gold, I saw some gorgeous white ornaments and decorations in Bed Bath and Table yesterday (all on sale too). I’d just like the white-laden tree to sit by a beautiful traditional rug in warm colours! Anyway, this home to me is perfect for this sort of nest-like Christmas decorating.

I’m drawn to the warmth of all that unpainted beautiful timber in the floors, doors and architraves, the stone and brickwork and the traditional furnishings. I love that all the natural materials are celebrated and not covered up – my mum would say it has integrity (we had a heated discussion on this topic when I wanted to use stone to cover dark brickwork on the outside of my parents’ house- mum argued forcefully that to cover her ‘good, honest brickwork’ would be to rob her home of integrity – yes, house talk is serious business! I’m still not sure whether ugly integrity is worth displaying..)

What a fabulous upstairs bedroom (above) – I’d love to sleep in a bedroom with a fireplace and a pitched ceiling line like this!

I do think when I look at this office how fabulous the bookcases would look painted grey! But don’t the timber shelves, traditional rug, brick walls and Christmas greenery go well together?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Naomi x


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Hello! I’m finally back online after an exceedingly frustrating week of temperamental internet access – and now hoping whatever magic my husband has just worked on my computer holds out! I’ve been witnessing a positive transformation this week of a house I am working on (remember the house on the river with the green carpet?) as it is being painted lovely, fresh white. It is truly amazing what a coat of white paint can do! I’ll post some pics tomorrow if my connection to technology doesn’t fail me..

But on the topic of white and the magic qualities of white paint, these rooms are some of my favourites of the moment- French doors, lots of natural light, high or pitched ceilings, accents in pale neutrals, pastels and black to keep it grounded. And of course I LOVE the paved/brick floors of that dining area.

Until tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

Naomi x



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