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Copycat room

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One of my favourite rooms was featured in Elle Decor’s spread on Keri Russell’s home:

Isn’t it great? Very laid-back and natural but elegant too. And lots of neutrals, which is carried through the rest of the home:

So I was looking at this room tonight and thinking that (aside from the incredible fireplace, windows and cornices), it wouldn’t be too hard to re-create, or at least borrow it is again:

If I were ‘borrowing’ this look for myself I probably wouldn’t do the shaggy flokati rug, they are cosy to walk and lie on but there’s something about them I don’t love. I think it’s mainly the idea of not being able to vacuum out all the unseen dust and dirt – yes, I can be a little obsessive in this area! So, I’d probably replace it with this from Madeline Weinrib:

or maybe one of my old favourites:

As for the chairs, there are a million gorgeous natural linen armchairs out there! I like this one because of the slipcovers (cleaning again!).

But this one is good too for a slightly more structured, masculine look:Then, the buttoned ottoman:

For the side table I’d either use this sleeker version of the timber box:

Or one of my favourite tables, incorporating a little rusticity, a little masculinity, a little geometry, and lots of airiness.

I’d have to look harder to find the light in the original room,  but this is a pretty good substitute (we used it in a client’s house and it’s even better in person- real ‘wow’ factor!):

Then a gold round mirror for above the fireplace (again, a million options!):

Finally, there’s the accessories: the potted tree, the flowers, books, fan coral and fur throw. All the fun stuff!


Random thoughts on decor

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I’ve been a bit of a slack blogger the past few days (at least it feels like it) but things are just so busy at the moment! It’s one of those times where a lot of things are happening at once on every front : home, work, family, and I admit that finding that perfect balance that includes time for blogging is something I’m still adjusting to. Please bear with me in my absences! But in between all the business there has to be time for contemplating some pretty things (sometimes it’s my daydreaming that keeps me sane, truly!). And here are some of them from today:

I’ve been thinking about putting a coloured (love pink!) fairly small sofa somewhere unexpected – like on a staircase landing under a big window. I can just picture the tops of the trees visible outside..Wouldn’t it look great with some of these?:

I know I’ve been talking a lot about rugs lately, but I keep seeing amazing ones:

Aren’t they incredible? I need more floors.

Also today I’ve fallen in love with the greys, the vein in the marble and the pop of yellow in this kitchen:

And the gold and silver, black and white and fun colour in this room caught my eye today too:

Hope you had a great Tuesday!


Beautiful French apartment

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The New York Times

How gorgeous is the relaxed French style of this apartment? It’s filled with character and antiques but is completely without that pretentious ‘salon’ formality you see in some French apartments. I love the faded shades of grey on the furniture and the beautiful little collections of pretty things on all the surfaces.

A snippet of my week and a lovely bedroom

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Phew! It’s been a busy couple of days, choosing external paint colours for a client’s house, moving furniture in and out and styling another property that’s about to be put on the market, and chasing up furniture, fabrics and wallpapers for various other projects. My client and I have also been finalising lighting, paint and other finishes (and thinking ahead of course to furniture!) for a major renovation project that I’m working on, which currently looks like this (it’s going to be amazing when it’s finished):

..and dragging around my sick 6 year-old through most of it. It’s been one of those weeks! Challenging, but still fun.

On another note, I’m loving this simple but gorgeous dark brown and white bedroom. The geometric carpet and pillows really shine against the whites and the dark walls. Love those lamps too!

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