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Grey and white dream kitchen

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How gorgeous is this kitchen/living room? Anyone who knows me knows that dark grey/blue is my all-time favourite colour, so this colour scheme is pretty much bang on the money for me. For a small open-plan living space I think this arrangement is fantastic, especially the little office nook in the kitchen for all the school paperwork and bills! What makes it for me is the dark grey walls paired with the white floor and kitchen, and the way the geometric rug plays off against the traditional pattern of the drapery.  The small marble subway tiles as a splashback are also great. I love this!

Photographs by Michael Graydon

Painting the back of bookshelves

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I loved reading about the bookcase-painting transformation on young house love. It completely changed the space.  See the rest of this painting project here.

Of course painting the back of bookshelves in a different colour is not a new idea. I remember Thom Filicia doing it a bit in homes way back on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! And it looked amazing then, too. It’s a great way of introducing a colour or tying a colour into the furnishings without painting the whole room. It can also really modernise a space.

White bookcases can be beautiful, and quote often the backs of bookcases (in my house at least) are completely covered by books. But if you’re displaying mainly accessories, collections of vases, pictures along with a few books, colour on the backs of the shelves makes it all look like a cohesive display.

I love the way the pale greeny-blue above brings out the hues in the old glass bottles.

Okay, so this one’s not for books, but don’t the white jugs pop so beautifully against the dark background (above)?


Images: lonny, samantha pynn, graciela rutlowski via house of turquoise, southern accents, unknown, coco rocha in vogue, john willey, house beautiful, lonny, house and home, decorpad, jeremy samuelson, house beautiful

Been to Ikea lately?

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On the way home yesterday I decided to stop quickly at Ikea (as quickly as you can ever stop at Ikea). I love the storage solutions they have (especially for small spaces), and wanted to get some magazine holders and some storage boxes, but of course it’s one of those stores where it’s easy to get sidetracked and come out with more than you went in for! I really like this long powder blue and white tray: 

Not exactly sure what to use it for yet, but at less than $10 I’m sure it will come in handy somewhere!

I didn’t buy it, but I they have a new book showing how to use all the Ikea fabrics. For the price I think Ikea fabrics are amazing.

Speaking of fabrics! Love the shade of pink in this linen, and it’s so cheap! I think it was $11 a metre.

And I love the kelly green and white striped canvas (comes in navy and black too).

You’ve probably seen these before, but I hadn’t! Such fabulous geometric rugs! Love the one on the right.

Have a great Tuesday all x

Saturday House of Inspiration – Rue

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I didn’t get a chance to post a House of Inspiration on Saturday, so here is the house that I’ve been analysing and obsessing over since it appeared in issue 4 of Rue magazine. It’s the wonderfully quirky and eclectic home of Peppermint Bliss blogger Bailey McCarthy. I love that it’s beautiful and interesting without looking overly decorated, and has a real mix of styles and a lot of whimsy and fun thrown in.

What a great solution to block out an ugly view (above)!

That dressing room is beautiful, feminine and amazing!

Hope you’re feeling inspired! x

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