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see you soon..

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As I was coming home from some fabric and furniture shopping today I stopped at a couple of secondhand shops that I used to go to all the time when I lived across town. My 4 year-old son has been trained well, and spotted a couple of little paintings in the corner that I actually liked ($6 each). So I have quite a little collection of paintings at home that need a home on a wall somewhere. One of these days I’d like to change things around and create a few more ‘picture walls’ like this one (above – sorry source unknown). I love them against the blue wall here.

I’m off to Sydney tomorrow for the design and decoration trade fairs. This is my first time and I’m excited to see what kinds of ideas and inspiration I will come away with. Not sure if I’ll be able to blog while away so if I can’t, have a great week all!

Saturday House of Inspiration – Dream Paris Apartment

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 If I lived in Paris it would be in a place a little (or a lot) like this:

This apartment has many elements that really appeal to me, the main one being the chic colour scheme of black, white and grey. I also love the classic styling and architecture, and the elements of contrast; the dark grey upholstery against a white-painted chair (above), the black-and-white scheme of the kitchen, and the bold striped curtains in the bedroom (see below). 

What a fabulous combined dining room/library! The pistachio green upholstery of the sofa is really the only departure from the black/white/grey of the apartment. The colour and the modern lines of the sofa keep the room fresh, particularly against the backdrop of formally-arranged leather books. I love the shape of those dining table legs!

This is close to being my dream kitchen. Again, it’s the combination of modern and classic styling that makes it interesting for me. The light fitting and the sleek handle-less cabinets with integrated appliances represents the contemporary, while the look is softened by the white silk curtains and the classic black-and-white chequered tiled floor. I love the old-fashioned idea of having a table and chairs in the kitchen. To me it’s so much friendlier and nicer than sitting up at an island bench.

Do I even need to say it? Those broad-striped silk curtains against the classic-style grey toile wallpaper is gorgeous! I love the pairing with the charcoal sisal carpet and black pannelled wardrobe, too. When I grow up I want a bedroom like this! To me this is black/white/grey done to perfection.

Hope you are feeling inspired and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Gorgeous neutral bedroom

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canadian house and home

As much as I love choosing and using colourful fabrics (see this post), I really am a neutrals-girl and when I see a gorgeous neutral-toned bedroom like this one I fall in love all over again! It’s serene and sophisticated and incorporates modern and classic elements which always appeals to me.

And the beauty of this bedroom? It’s soo easy to create at home, and because its success doesn’t rely on wallpapers or paint colours, this look is great for renters. It really hinges on four things: the tall upholstered buttoned bedhead, the matching french end stool and chair, the pale brown cowskin rug, and the oversized drum lightshade. Add those four pieces to an otherwise white room, and you’re almost there.

If you want help creating this or another beautiful look at your home, please contact me! And have a great weekend x

Fun day

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We’ve had a fun day with 8 kids in our fairly small house – I’m trying to enjoy the craziness and mess of having kids around all the time before school starts next week, when I know I’ll miss them again!

I love this image of kids being crazy in their fancy but fun house. Not sure I could look this stylish and collected if my kids were hanging from the banisters! Love the crazy-painted walls and the zebra runner on the stairs..

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