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Seafoam and duck egg blue

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Remember that kitchen with the seafoam green/blue splashback tiles from the tv show Revenge? Here’s a refresher:

Well I have been thinking about that kitchen and all the other places I’ve seen that beautiful ocean-inspired colour used. It looks stunning in tiles to bring just a hint of colour into a kitchen or bathroom (especially in a Hamptons-inspired house!):

Or used for cabinetry or in lighting and accessories:

Of course these colours work great in bedrooms and living areas too. A combination I particularly love is duck-egg blue paired with taupe or shades of brown. Here’s an example in a  bedroom:

When I think of seafoam fabrics, the most famous that springs to mind is ‘Riad’ in seafoam by Windsor Smith. Here it is used in her own home:

I’ve used this fabric in other colourways several times but never in the seafoam. After revisiting these pics I’m inspired to try to find a place to use it! Joni from Cote de Texas also used it when she helped her neighbour redecorate:


The walls in this open-plan space (above) are also painted in a ‘seafoam’ colour. Here’s another ‘Hamptons’ living space using duck egg blues:

So, could you live in a house entirely decked out in these colours? I think I could.

My sister is in town for the weekend so I’m looking forward to a fabulous time. Hope your weekend is marvellous.

Naomi xx

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