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Warm rooms and high ceilings

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You know my obsession with double-height rooms? I was doing a little research online looking for inspiration for if I could build a new house (yes, I am a busy woman but this was down-time at about 4:30 this morning), and looking at said tall rooms and saw this:

I really like that glimpse through to the hallway under the upstairs walkway, and the iron balcony overlooking the living room. I used to draw pictures of rooms like this when I was little – and I still love this neo-classical, luxurious style. And I LOVE that double-height room!

But it’s not just the architecture I’m drawn to; I’m a big fan of warm and cosy colours and comfortable rooms that envelop you. I like white walls in the right room but where you want a room to feel luxurious and ultra-comfy I prefer warmer shades like sands, tans, honeys and stone sort of colours.

Here’s another example:

I love all these warm tones with the rusts in the rug and also the fabrics; silk in the curtains and leather on the chairs. Add a little black and a little brass or gold and you’ve got a beautiful room that feels luxurious, grown-up and expensive!

Remember the house from the movie ‘It’s Complicated’?. It had that same warm and cosy feel but without the formality (above). The rusty reds add to the warm feeling.

Here’s another example (and another zebra rug!):

I really like how well taupes go with duck-egg blues.

But back to the double-height rooms, I realised when I looked through some of my photos that I seem to have a thing for tall stone fireplaces, too:

though I think it’s mainly the height thing that appeals to me. Here’s another favourite from Traditional Home:

The high ceilings and the connection between the two floors is definitely on my House Wish-List!

I’ll be away in Sydney all this week for the trade fairs and to check on a couple of projects so I’m not sure that I’ll be back until next week, hopefully full of new inspiration! So until then have a great week.

Naomi xx

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