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Hello! I’m finally back online after an exceedingly frustrating week of temperamental internet access – and now hoping whatever magic my husband has just worked on my computer holds out! I’ve been witnessing a positive transformation this week of a house I am working on (remember the house on the river with the green carpet?) as it is being painted lovely, fresh white. It is truly amazing what a coat of white paint can do! I’ll post some pics tomorrow if my connection to technology doesn’t fail me..

But on the topic of white and the magic qualities of white paint, these rooms are some of my favourites of the moment- French doors, lots of natural light, high or pitched ceilings, accents in pale neutrals, pastels and black to keep it grounded. And of course I LOVE the paved/brick floors of that dining area.

Until tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

Naomi x



Style from Nature

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In my on-going quest for the perfect country house decor (though I don’t actually have the house – yet!), I am fairly obsessed with the play of natural texture on texture, and the beauty of materials from nature. Of course, this can work just as well in the city as in the country! Natural materials often come in shades of grey and neutrals, and I just think a room full of these colours and textures is so soothing and quietly beautiful. All of the rooms above contain those elements: timber, stone and marble, bone, wool, linen, sisal, coral, leather, animal hide and horn, even silver and metals. I really love the idea of framing pressed leaves and flowers. I used to have a flower press when  I was growing up – I wish I’d kept it! Pressed flowers on aged and yellowed paper would look so beautiful framed.

This weekend I’m looking forward to spending some time outside with my lovely children, maybe tackling our front garden long-term project. And I’d love to get out of the city to see some countryside and to look at properties, though I say that every weekend it seems!

Have a great weekend All xx

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