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Dream rooms in greys and neutrals

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Isn’t this a fabulous room (above)? The beamed ceiling, the fireplace, the big iron windows and those lanterns…I really like the simple furnishings in linen, leather, timber, iron and sisal too.

My sister and her boyfriend are moving into a new apartment soon and want to paint the entry hall in black and white stripes- I think this is a great example of how to make it work in a small space. The stripes, big mirror and bench really define that small entry area and make the most of the space. I love the white floors and I really love the limited palette of grey and neutrals.

I adore this dark grey boy’s bedroom- no pattern, just lots of shades of grey and browns with brass and gold accents.

A dining area is the perfect place to use darker, moodier colours. What I like about this dining room is all the different seating.

Again, I’m loving the brass and gold finishes against the dark grey. Curtains, a dressing table and a chandelier in the bathroom are such luxuries! You’d need great ventilation though.

I’ve got a busy few days ahead and may not be back here until next week, so have a great rest-of-the-week and weekend All!

Naomi xx

Classics and contrast

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I love the contrast in this house between black/white and pale/ dark neutrals. A simple linen bed with trimmed linen, white chair, natural flooring and a touch of nickel is perfection..

The touches of red lend a retro pop to the otherwise classic ‘Hamptons’ style. I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing better to me than a beautiful view through spaces and rooms. I love this view across classic chequered black and white flooring into a light-filled living room (above).

This old-fashioned idea of having the dining table in the kitchen space really appeals to me – no getting stuck in the kitchen and missing all the fun! Plus I love the communal family living that this arrangement lends itself to; weekend cooking, paper reading and homework all happening in the same space. The French chairs look great here and love the pendants.

Check out that ceiling! And the gorgeous symmetrical windows. In fact, this whole room is about symmetry! It’s the dark/light thing that I like here. I always think if you work in layers of dark and light you can’t go wrong.

Love the central table that divides this long room – amazing how flowers or greenery always bring things to life isn’t it?

Style from Nature

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In my on-going quest for the perfect country house decor (though I don’t actually have the house – yet!), I am fairly obsessed with the play of natural texture on texture, and the beauty of materials from nature. Of course, this can work just as well in the city as in the country! Natural materials often come in shades of grey and neutrals, and I just think a room full of these colours and textures is so soothing and quietly beautiful. All of the rooms above contain those elements: timber, stone and marble, bone, wool, linen, sisal, coral, leather, animal hide and horn, even silver and metals. I really love the idea of framing pressed leaves and flowers. I used to have a flower press when  I was growing up – I wish I’d kept it! Pressed flowers on aged and yellowed paper would look so beautiful framed.

This weekend I’m looking forward to spending some time outside with my lovely children, maybe tackling our front garden long-term project. And I’d love to get out of the city to see some countryside and to look at properties, though I say that every weekend it seems!

Have a great weekend All xx

Art with Mood

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This photo (above) caught my eye as I wandered through the Architectural Digest website the other day, and I’ve been a little bit obsessed with it ever since. I think my love of good art (good? I guess art appreciation is inherently subjective but I think most of us think we can recognise ‘good’ from ‘bad’) was instilled in me early by my artist mum; our house when I was growing up was always full of paintings and sculpture by mum and by other artists, some of which I’m lucky enough to now have in my home. When we visited other countries the first stop was always the galleries (and the churches). And now, the two things I could happily spend my last pennies on are paintings and real estate (and perhaps one day I will have some pennies to indulge in these things!). The thing that strikes me about the paintings above are that they are all abstracts, and all in the same warm greys and neutral tones. I love the shades of grey in the furnishings and the paint of the bookshelves (and the men’s clothing). This collection and the whole arrangement has really inspired me to start something similar.


Also on the topic of beautiful artwork paired with shades of grey and warm neutrals, this hallway is one of my favourites. That wall colour is my all-time fave colour, and a dark grey hallway filled with books and amazing artwork is truly a version of Heaven for me 🙂

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