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A little shopping and florals

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Today we have a pupil-free day at our school, so I took Mum and the kids to the local shopping centre for a rare treat (it’s actually a treat for me as I rarely brave the malls on weekends and never have all three children with me during the week). It was really nice to not be on a rushed shopping mission, and to be able to have a good look through the shops. At Target (our Target, unlike the one in the U.S., is usually bereft of great homewares) I was pleasantly surprised to see these side tables:

They had a great shape and a hexagonal top. These could actually look fantastic in the right room- I could picture the larger one as a bedside table for a kids room.


I’ve also had a chance to do some ebay shopping, and also a chance to get myself organised enough to list some of my ‘extra’ pieces of furniture, fabric and lamps.

I keep holding on to so many things for ‘the next house’, but sometimes I have to do a bit of a cull to make room for new pieces. Ebay is also a great source for pieces for clients- old chairs for recovering and the occasional antique in particular.


A couple of weeks ago I was showing fabrics to some clients for one of their rooms, one of which was this colourful floral:

We ended up going with another fabric, also in bright gorgeous colours, but I do like the green geometric against the floral upholstery here. This is a great example of what you can do with an old armchair bought on ebay!

And speaking of greens and florals, here are a few others that have caught my eye this week:

Again, we can see how great a subtle geometric pattern (here, the wallpaper) can look with a floral (the green toile pattern on the chairs). I like the freshness of this office area.

This is such a gorgeous feminine, French-style bedroom! I love the shape of the floral bedhead.

I like the simplicity of this scheme, with the use of just the one tropical leaf-patterned fabric. That banquette seating for the dining area is fantastic!

Naomi x

Shapely upholstered bedheads

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There are so many interesting upholstered bedhead shapes around at the moment, what do you think of them? Sure, they can be a little more expensive to have made than the usual square shape, but they can give some extra personality to a room. I like this ikat head board (above) but it’s a little wacky for me to live with long-termĀ  – it kind of reminds me of those ink pictures the psychiatrists show to patients in the movies..(love the big lamps though)

It’s the square angles of this bed head that prevent this blue and pink bedroom (above) from looking feminine – I really like this shape and the stud details.

nate berkus

Nothing Nate Berkus does could ever be wrong! Love the dark grey with the gold pillows.

This room really appeals to me (above). The bed head is an interesting shape and the textured fabric goes with the tropical theme here- the coral colour scheme, ikat cushions, seagrass/sisal carpet and the shape of the side table all work together for a beachy look.

The shapes here are so interesting (above). The sunburst mirror and geometric cushion really contrast with the curved art deco-inspired bed head shape.

Now we’re getting a little more classic – a simple shape with stud detail and linen upholstery – I have to say this is more my style!

These deep-buttoned bedheads with wings are popping up more and more – it’s quite an old-fashioned idea and I think gives quite a masculine look (which I love).

Now this is my style! This is one version of my Dream bedroom (above). Love that shade of grey/blue on the walls, the reading light on the wall, the French touches and, best of all, that ultra-high, winged and buttoned dark blue bed head! The only thing I might change is to replace the light with a really modern version to contrast with the classic style of the furnishings.


This beautiful duck egg blue colour scheme really appeals – the shape of the headboard is simple, but the white ribbon detail under the studs makes it pop and gives it some extra interest.


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