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Seafoam and duck egg blue

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Remember that kitchen with the seafoam green/blue splashback tiles from the tv show Revenge? Here’s a refresher:

Well I have been thinking about that kitchen and all the other places I’ve seen that beautiful ocean-inspired colour used. It looks stunning in tiles to bring just a hint of colour into a kitchen or bathroom (especially in a Hamptons-inspired house!):

Or used for cabinetry or in lighting and accessories:

Of course these colours work great in bedrooms and living areas too. A combination I particularly love is duck-egg blue paired with taupe or shades of brown. Here’s an example in a  bedroom:

When I think of seafoam fabrics, the most famous that springs to mind is ‘Riad’ in seafoam by Windsor Smith. Here it is used in her own home:

I’ve used this fabric in other colourways several times but never in the seafoam. After revisiting these pics I’m inspired to try to find a place to use it! Joni from Cote de Texas also used it when she helped her neighbour redecorate:


The walls in this open-plan space (above) are also painted in a ‘seafoam’ colour. Here’s another ‘Hamptons’ living space using duck egg blues:

So, could you live in a house entirely decked out in these colours? I think I could.

My sister is in town for the weekend so I’m looking forward to a fabulous time. Hope your weekend is marvellous.

Naomi xx

Feeling Beachy

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You know those weatherboard houses I mentioned in my last post? I’ve been pondering them and am becoming a little obsessed with the idea of finding a little place with lots of timber-lined tongue and groove walls and also- and this would be critical – pitched ceilings! It wouldn’t have to be a ‘beach shack’; there are lots of houses with ‘cathedral ceilings’ (real estate agent speak) built in the 70’s that are heavy on the orange timber – I’d break out the white paint big time!

I just love this airy outdoor dining area with the big iron lantern.

Maybe it’s the hot weather we’re having at the moment here in Melbourne, but I’m really craving those pale sea and sand colours, lots of white-painted timber, open airy spaces and lots of greenery.

There’s a house around the corner from me that’s doing an upstairs extension and they’ve just installed a window upstairs very similar to this oval one – it looks great and makes me very curious to see inside..

There’s another oval window! (above)

This to me is the perfect relaxed kitchen, with stools around a table instead of an island with storage underneath, and the long open shelving.

I remember reading about this room in house beautiful mag (above), where they had used a rough raw silk to upholster the chesterfield sofas but then a leather on the seats – great idea! I also love the collection of inexpensive framed pictures lined up above the square doorways.

My dream butler’s pantry (above)!

caitlin creer

In this hot weather all I want to do is hibernate at home, but with school starting next week and my being away all next week, there’s a lot of last minute school shopping, labelling of a million books and items of school apparel and cleaning to do (whenever I have to go away I expect to return to the world’s messiest house under husband’s watch – but as long as everyone survives it’s ok. It’s nice to feel needed right?).

Have a great Tuesday,

Naomi xx


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Hello! I’m finally back online after an exceedingly frustrating week of temperamental internet access – and now hoping whatever magic my husband has just worked on my computer holds out! I’ve been witnessing a positive transformation this week of a house I am working on (remember the house on the river with the green carpet?) as it is being painted lovely, fresh white. It is truly amazing what a coat of white paint can do! I’ll post some pics tomorrow if my connection to technology doesn’t fail me..

But on the topic of white and the magic qualities of white paint, these rooms are some of my favourites of the moment- French doors, lots of natural light, high or pitched ceilings, accents in pale neutrals, pastels and black to keep it grounded. And of course I LOVE the paved/brick floors of that dining area.

Until tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

Naomi x



In my Dream Kitchen…

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I’d have lots of white and an island like this. Pendant lights, a hint of charcoal and dark grey, views through to a sunny breakfast room..

and a butler’s pantry like this!

Sorry to keep it short and sweet, need more hours in the day!! But at least we’re half way through the week.. xx

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