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Double-height rooms

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I’ve been dreaming lately about building a new house, and number one on my wish-list is a double-height living room, or some sort of high and interesting ceiling line. I really don’t like the look of flat (especially low!) plasterboard ceilings that are punctuated by various ugly ceiling necessities- vents, smoke alarms, downlights etc. I love ultra-high ceilings and that feeling of airiness and space. The room above is a dream! What a great mix of the rustic and the elegant, and all those gorgeous windows!

I love this converted barn, open-plan look, with the warm neutral walls and the simple lines of the fireplace.

Impossibly beautiful windows!

Love this mix of blues and neutrals with natural timber and stone (above). But the high ceiling and window makes the room.

What appeals to me in this room (above) is all the heavy dark timber, the comfort factor in the colours and decorating, but also that it’s got a lot of masculine appeal.

Love that doorway under the staircase (above)! There’s nothing not to love here.

I am leaning more and more towards a modern style, like the clean lines of this fireplace (above) and the smooth, high white walls. I posted about the rest of this house awhile ago, here.

Another view from the doorway in the same room as earlier.

This is possibly a little rustic for me (above), but I do love the privacy of looking onto an old brick wall (am I the only one who likes this sort of view in the city? Much better than being overlooked). Also the wall of glass and the staircase leading upwards is beautiful.

I’m really drawn to this New York loft-style double height room (above), and this modern beach house (below). I just love the idea of an upstairs walkway or bridge overlooking the living room, and sunlight coming into the room from high North-facing windows is an absolute must.

My weekend

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Like so many others I spent Saturday going to open-houses and comparing the relative merits of properties around our side of Melbourne. Not for me (though it certainly has me thinking about houses for myself), but for my parents, who want a new project. It’s a tricky business, balancing all the requisites in a new house – liveable but with enough scope to changes the spaces, living area must face North, walking distance to river/parks/shops/transport, character or potential to add architectural interest, good-sized garden etc. And even when we found a house that on paper ticked all the boxes, in person it just didn’t give us the right ‘feeling’. It sounds ridiculous, but if you’ve got to live there, I think you’ve got to think with your head and your heart.

In the end we spied a cool but run-down 60s-style house. I loved it, and had visions to the tune of:


architect Ray Kappe's house




finn juhl




I have it all mapped out in my head: low furniture, lots of steel, timber and concrete, lots of sunshine and greenery. Mum loves all this too, but I suspect her dreams are more along the lines of this:

And it may be hard to find a marriage between the two styles!

On Sunday we braved the freezing early-morning wind at the markets – two different ones on two opposite sides of the city – and picked up a little oil painting at each:

Both are perfect for my growing little collection of nautical-themed paintings for my boys’ room, and only $10 each. I love that they are unframed and old and slightly shabby. After that it was most definitely food time, and on a cold Sunday morning there is nothing better in my book than Yum Cha! (where I was much too engaged to take any photos) And how best to top of a busy weekend? Masterchef and Downton Abbey do it for me nicely. (p.s. we are off to see inside the 60s house this afternoon, so I’ll see if the inside lives up to my expectations!) xx

A glamorous grey abode

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ryan korban


How do you make a room modern and classic, gender-neutral, sophisticated and glamorous all at once? This home is surely a lesson in how to do it successfully. The palette of whites and greys is understated and elegant, but all the natural elements (antler lamp, fur pillows, cow hide rug) give it texture and make it homely. My favourite bits? The grey painting above the sofa and that divine pewter silk bedhead! Actually, love the bedroom light fitting too.

Have a fabulous day! x

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