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A little shopping

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I stopped into Coco Republic this week to do a little shopping for clients, though whenever I shop for clients I invariably find some things I’d like for myself too. This bedroom display was an example, as I can’t seem to go past blue and white! Love the buttoned bed and the chinoiserie- inspired fabrics.

Another blue and white room, with some very cute ikat-covered timber stools.

These blue/green jars caught my eye for a room I am working on at the moment in these colours. I really liked the scallop pattern and the colour of the jar on the right, but not the $500 price tag!

But I did find these rattan and cane chairs for a client’s outdoor room- these are discontinued so on sale- gotta love that! I’m going to ditch the back cushion so you can see the great rattan chair back and use a lower lumbar cushion instead.

I really liked this Ralph Lauren brass coffee table, which was also on sale.

Loved the warm colours and the plaid pattern on this winged bedroom chair.

Here’s the bedroom set-up to accompany the chair. Can you imagine these rusts and dark greens in your winter hunting lodge? So can I.

Really liked these brass and black marble side tables. I’ve seen this table in a smaller version but this one is big enough for a lamp and is very sturdy.

I absolutely loved this aqua and brown chinoiserie armchair. It would be such a great starting piece to base a room around in this colour scheme.

And what do you know, some matching cushions!

Fabulous moss-green velvet dining chairs with nickel studs.

The green velvet chairs paired with these palm leaf artworks created a real ‘Plantation-chic’ vibe which would look so great on the coast or in Queensland!

There’s nothing like a ceramic lamp to bring a shot of colour- loved this Ralph Lauren green version (above).

This photo doesn’t show the colours too well, but I do like navy and white paired with a fresh shade of green.

Have a great weekend, as we look forward to racing fever here in Melbourne next week!

Naomi xx

Shopping for Windsors

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I’ve been looking around at Windsor chairs for a current Hamptons-inspired redecoration project. There are a lot of beautiful antique Windsors around if you know where to look, and nothing beats the aged patina and authenticity of these beautiful old pieces. But there are also quite a few reproductions to be seen, some of which are beautifully handmade and some of which give you the general ‘Hamptons’ look, but which are perhaps missing the love and care in their production.


Not everybody cares about having pieces in their home with a history, but on this particular project the client and I agree we don’t want everything to be brand new. I love antiques and the idea of living with pieces that families before yours have also lived with and used. There is real magic in history if you ask me. The beauties in the top 4 photos above, a cabriole-leg Windsor and the wheelback dining chairs, are from all-press antiques here in Melbourne.

Have a great day,

Naomi xx

Some new things around the house

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Hello All and Yes, there is still a blog here! I’ve just been taking a little break and putting my energies into other things. Thanks to those lovely readers who took the time to enquire about my whereabouts and well-being. Please rest assured that if you don’t hear from me in awhile, I’ll always be back sooner or later.

If you have read my blog before you will know that I am a big believer in the decorating resource that is ebay- and my latest purchase, an antique Persian rug, arrived this morning. I didn’t have a plan of where it was going to go, but threw it in with the blues and tans in our living room, which has been without a rug for the past several weeks. I do like this look but if it becomes a bit too warm looking in summer I can always change the cushions again and switch a sisal back into this room. But you know how ebay is a bit hit-and-miss? I think this one was definitely a hit.

(not sure why these pics came out so dark! I seriously need a new camera and a new house with better natural light)

Another fairly recent purchase was this black library for the dining room wall. This room never looked quite finished, and I really needed some vertical display/storage for my constantly-changing bits and pieces. I figure this piece will be great for one of the boys’ rooms or a playroom when we find the next house (yes, still looking!). I’ve kept it pretty neutral in here- only antique leather books, whites and glass- and one little shelf for family pics.

The ladder bar at the top is a great place to hang birthday and Christmas cards!

Another recent ebay buy was this big black-framed mirror. It’s the kind of piece I’d need to have hung professionally, but it’s in this corner until I decide whether to bother hanging it or to wait until the next house.. When I had this delivered my delivery guy apologised that it was so filthy- I explained to him that the glass has a mottled effect that makes it look aged, and that believe it or not some of us actually pay for this look!


I’m also still working on my office. I really wanted to replace the bookshelves with more attractive storage. I did find the perfect shelves, but they were more than double what I wanted to pay, and I’d need two of them! So I was on a mission to find something that would hold files and boxes of swatches, and store some magazines, and that didn’t cost a lot. I still hope to buy my ideal shelves, but I want to see the office in my next house before I commit!

After looking around at a lot of wholesale suppliers, as well as places like Ikea and Freedom, I eventually settled on this grey cabinet from Early Settler. They have a black version but I had just bought the black library and didn’t want to keep collecting painted black pieces of furniture. In fact I’ve been trying to steer clear of painted pieces made in China and focus on collecting antiques that I’ll keep forever. But the $800 price tag was impossible to beat! I figure it will look great in the future in a laundry or bathroom, or maybe even a kitchen area.


I might add that Early Settler sometimes have great prices but they are SO unreliable when you order something ahead. Already the delivery date for this cabinet has been pushed back by a month, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had this experience with them. Still, this is the price you pay when you are shopping on a budget. Has anyone else had this experience?


Have a great day, and it’s good to be back.

Naomi xx

A little shopping and florals

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Today we have a pupil-free day at our school, so I took Mum and the kids to the local shopping centre for a rare treat (it’s actually a treat for me as I rarely brave the malls on weekends and never have all three children with me during the week). It was really nice to not be on a rushed shopping mission, and to be able to have a good look through the shops. At Target (our Target, unlike the one in the U.S., is usually bereft of great homewares) I was pleasantly surprised to see these side tables:

They had a great shape and a hexagonal top. These could actually look fantastic in the right room- I could picture the larger one as a bedside table for a kids room.


I’ve also had a chance to do some ebay shopping, and also a chance to get myself organised enough to list some of my ‘extra’ pieces of furniture, fabric and lamps.

I keep holding on to so many things for ‘the next house’, but sometimes I have to do a bit of a cull to make room for new pieces. Ebay is also a great source for pieces for clients- old chairs for recovering and the occasional antique in particular.


A couple of weeks ago I was showing fabrics to some clients for one of their rooms, one of which was this colourful floral:

We ended up going with another fabric, also in bright gorgeous colours, but I do like the green geometric against the floral upholstery here. This is a great example of what you can do with an old armchair bought on ebay!

And speaking of greens and florals, here are a few others that have caught my eye this week:

Again, we can see how great a subtle geometric pattern (here, the wallpaper) can look with a floral (the green toile pattern on the chairs). I like the freshness of this office area.

This is such a gorgeous feminine, French-style bedroom! I love the shape of the floral bedhead.

I like the simplicity of this scheme, with the use of just the one tropical leaf-patterned fabric. That banquette seating for the dining area is fantastic!

Naomi x

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