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Cozy dark neutrals

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I am a big fan of dark-walled rooms. Especially for tv rooms and studies. And bedrooms. I think dark walls can help to make white or light coloured furniture and architectural details look so much better. Don’t these rooms give you that feeling of being enveloped?


White is usually the preferred wall colour in open-plan kitchen/living rooms just because there are so many walls to cover, and if you don’t like the darker colour it’s a hard mistake to reverse. But I love this room (above)! The dark grey/brown walls combined with the lighting, tall windows with sheers curtains, dark floors and accents of chrome make it really glamorous and sophisticated.


Darker textured wallpaper can have a similar effect (above). I think the white sofa and black side tables look so much better against the darker seagrass wallpaper than they would against plain white. It also helps to tie the cushions and the artwork together, creating a sort of textured, natural theme.


This moody dark brown is perfect for an elegant formal living room (above).

There is nothing more appealing in a house in my book than internal views through rooms to spaces beyond. The dark grey bookshelves in the distance make a beautiful focal point at the end of this hallway (above).

I’ve had this dining room saved for quite awhile- the style might be a little too ‘country’ for my tastes, but I just love the wall colour paired with linen upholstery and the timbers in this room. And I love round dining tables – so much friendlier than rectangular ones!

What a lovely way to dine..

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It’s a freezing winter morning here in Melbourne, and I know ‘cos we don’t have central heating! This dining room is so ‘me’; I’m always drawn to rooms that are essentially classic but with modern elements that take away any fussiness. Here, it’s the bare floorboards, the absence of cornices and the modern unframed artwork.

Did I mention that I’m planning to switch my rectangular dining table for a round one? I’ve toyed with this idea for awhile now (will a round table accommodate enough people? Or rather, will it still be big enough for me to use it as a place to sort the clean washing?). I saw a fabulous table on ebay but they wouldn’t sell it sans the 6 ugly matching chairs. So that hunt is still on!


Grant K Gibson’s dining room

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Have you seen the latest San Francisco Showhouse? I am absolutely smitten with the dining room by Grant K. Gibson!

You might remember his hot-pink girls’ room in the last San Francisco house:

This time his room is moody and quite classic, though I love the abstract painting in greys and this amazing sculptural light fitting that inject a modern edge. I just think the light makes the space.

The table is faux-painted and the flowers are fake! Who knew fake could look so good?

The geometric black-and-white floor is a painted pattern over the original boards. You can read more about that process on Grant’s blog, here. I love the French dining chairs covered in Kelly Green leather!

And of course, the gorgeous collection of blue and white..

let there be natural light!

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elle decor

There’s something about having books and art around that really make you want to spend time in a room, don’t you think? A huge fabulous window and blue chesterfield don’t hurt, either! And of course, an informal round dining table and cheery yellow chairs can’t help but be inviting.

We’re heading into a lovely long weekend, and I’m hoping for at least a little sunshine so that I can make some headway on the many furniture-painting projects that await me (and so we’re not all stuck inside all weekend). I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to!

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