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A city townhouse high on style

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One of the things that caught my eye earlier in the year was this house that was featured in UK House & Garden. My mum had bought the issue and had stuck a post-it with my name on it on this spread- she knew I’d love it! I call it a town house because I picture it being a tall and narrow terrace house- the perfect city pad.

Symmetry reigns here (above), and these are my colours- greys and blues, with lots of natural textures thrown in. I love the dark grey walls, the nickel wall lamps, the books, the casual chunky sisal rug. I’m even partial to the display of a bit of taxidermy, animal horns and skulls, but this is something that should be practiced in moderation people!

The other side of the room shows the hit of yellow and the modern abstract artworks. My boys would love it if I used framed pictures of Lego figures as artwork!

A very modern Scandinavian-style dining area in the open-plan kitchen at the back of the house. You can only just see it, but the stairwell coming down into this space is also the office and is lined with Hicks hexagonal wallpaper. The thing I really like about this house is though it’s small, it has colour and pattern used in every space, which can sometimes look as though someone has tried to use every single fabric and colour they like in a space that’s too small to house them all. Here it makes every corner interesting and homely as well as stylish.

Look at all the pattern in the red and grey master bedroom- and the wall of mismatched artworks – it’s fun, warm and cosy.

The twin bedroom above and below made me stop because it’s basically the same scheme I had been planning for one of my boy’s bedrooms in our next house- I’d even bought the same fabrics! The bedhead fabric is one I had used in a recent job and loved it so much I needed to use it at home too. I love, love the dark grey/blue walls. Notice how in the magazine photo above they placed a mirror in between the beds to reflect the green greyhound painting opposite, but it’s absent from the room normally (below).

I’m hoping to get to at least one open house tomorrow, hope you all have a great weekend!

Naomi xx


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The happenings in the U.S. this weekend have left me feeling sick and down, and I know I’m not alone. Tragedies do have a way of putting life’s little problems into perspective, and all of a sudden my stress about getting cushion inserts in the next day or two seems completely unimportant.


But, of course, life has to go on and things are very busy this week, with three instals do get through before the holidays. I’ve been busy getting fabrics to the upholsterer for last-minute re-upholstery jobs. The fabric above is for a chaise that I have my fingers crossed will be recovered by the end of the week!

I’ve also been getting together the last bits and pieces for a ‘Hamptons’-inspired house I’ve been working on.  I had this deep-buttoned linen ottoman made for one of the living rooms and thankfully it is ready just in time for the instal this week.

Last week also involved a visit to another furniture maker to check on pieces for clients;

beautifully made oak bedside tables,

and I love the different timbers in this parquetry dining table.

This was a little Christmas present for myself, a lovely oak ‘vigneron’ table, in the style of an antique French wine-tasting table.


On another topic, I’m also really liking blue and green at the moment, and thinking about how to use a whole lot of Kravet’s ‘Mandala’ fabric that I picked up recently:

I’m saving it for the next house, but I’m thinking it might be good paired with some green, or maybe on a headboard. The blues and greens work so well together in Jeffrey Alan Marks’ house (I have been getting into Million Dollar Decorators lately, but I must have missed this issue of Elle Decor):

Incidentally, I’m just finishing a room in blues and greens where we have used the Christopher Farr fabric as on the long ottoman above.

My prayers are going out to the families of Newtown.

Naomi xx

A little shopping

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I stopped into Coco Republic this week to do a little shopping for clients, though whenever I shop for clients I invariably find some things I’d like for myself too. This bedroom display was an example, as I can’t seem to go past blue and white! Love the buttoned bed and the chinoiserie- inspired fabrics.

Another blue and white room, with some very cute ikat-covered timber stools.

These blue/green jars caught my eye for a room I am working on at the moment in these colours. I really liked the scallop pattern and the colour of the jar on the right, but not the $500 price tag!

But I did find these rattan and cane chairs for a client’s outdoor room- these are discontinued so on sale- gotta love that! I’m going to ditch the back cushion so you can see the great rattan chair back and use a lower lumbar cushion instead.

I really liked this Ralph Lauren brass coffee table, which was also on sale.

Loved the warm colours and the plaid pattern on this winged bedroom chair.

Here’s the bedroom set-up to accompany the chair. Can you imagine these rusts and dark greens in your winter hunting lodge? So can I.

Really liked these brass and black marble side tables. I’ve seen this table in a smaller version but this one is big enough for a lamp and is very sturdy.

I absolutely loved this aqua and brown chinoiserie armchair. It would be such a great starting piece to base a room around in this colour scheme.

And what do you know, some matching cushions!

Fabulous moss-green velvet dining chairs with nickel studs.

The green velvet chairs paired with these palm leaf artworks created a real ‘Plantation-chic’ vibe which would look so great on the coast or in Queensland!

There’s nothing like a ceramic lamp to bring a shot of colour- loved this Ralph Lauren green version (above).

This photo doesn’t show the colours too well, but I do like navy and white paired with a fresh shade of green.

Have a great weekend, as we look forward to racing fever here in Melbourne next week!

Naomi xx

Feeling Beachy

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You know those weatherboard houses I mentioned in my last post? I’ve been pondering them and am becoming a little obsessed with the idea of finding a little place with lots of timber-lined tongue and groove walls and also- and this would be critical – pitched ceilings! It wouldn’t have to be a ‘beach shack’; there are lots of houses with ‘cathedral ceilings’ (real estate agent speak) built in the 70’s that are heavy on the orange timber – I’d break out the white paint big time!

I just love this airy outdoor dining area with the big iron lantern.

Maybe it’s the hot weather we’re having at the moment here in Melbourne, but I’m really craving those pale sea and sand colours, lots of white-painted timber, open airy spaces and lots of greenery.

There’s a house around the corner from me that’s doing an upstairs extension and they’ve just installed a window upstairs very similar to this oval one – it looks great and makes me very curious to see inside..

There’s another oval window! (above)

This to me is the perfect relaxed kitchen, with stools around a table instead of an island with storage underneath, and the long open shelving.

I remember reading about this room in house beautiful mag (above), where they had used a rough raw silk to upholster the chesterfield sofas but then a leather on the seats – great idea! I also love the collection of inexpensive framed pictures lined up above the square doorways.

My dream butler’s pantry (above)!

caitlin creer

In this hot weather all I want to do is hibernate at home, but with school starting next week and my being away all next week, there’s a lot of last minute school shopping, labelling of a million books and items of school apparel and cleaning to do (whenever I have to go away I expect to return to the world’s messiest house under husband’s watch – but as long as everyone survives it’s ok. It’s nice to feel needed right?).

Have a great Tuesday,

Naomi xx

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