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Pink, pattern and upholstery projects

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It’s been a little while since my last post, and what can I say? Sometimes life and other things get in the way of quality blogging time.. This past week has been full of distractions, among them a sick toddler, a visit from my very good friend Carolyn from Adelaide (we spent a day working on plans for her new house), not to mention the brief diversion that was the Labor leadership challenge, work and regular homework and housework duties!


After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided on a hot pink fabric with stud trim for the re-upholstery of a French-style sofa. I’m really liking pink at the moment, paired with black and white or with other colours. The pink and yellow fabrics in one of the rooms above are just gorgeous together. And speaking of re-upholstery, I’m also really liking more than one fabric on the one piece at the moment. Like with the chairs above, using a solid on the front and a coordinating pattern on the backs for a subtle little surprise and added interest.


I’ve also been doing a lot of online house-stalking, I must post some this week!

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let there be natural light!

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elle decor

There’s something about having books and art around that really make you want to spend time in a room, don’t you think? A huge fabulous window and blue chesterfield don’t hurt, either! And of course, an informal round dining table and cheery yellow chairs can’t help but be inviting.

We’re heading into a lovely long weekend, and I’m hoping for at least a little sunshine so that I can make some headway on the many furniture-painting projects that await me (and so we’re not all stuck inside all weekend). I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to!

An accent of Sunshine

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photo by stacey brandford


nuevo estilo


kelly wearstler


style at home


mansion 21


jacobs design inc.


I love this as a colour combination. When I see black and white, it always makes me think ‘yellow!’ – to me yellow is the colour that works best against black and white. It’s that old story of opposites I guess; yellow is the liveliest, ultimate ‘happy’ colour, so it’s the perfect accompaniment to sombre black. Doesn’t the yellow dress just bring that first pic to life? I need some yellow in my grey, rainy Monday! Have a g

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