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In my neck of the woods..

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I have to say I am really loving winter. The bulbs are starting to flower in our garden (thank goodness they can do their thing without any effort on my part), and all the bare trees have given us a view that we don’t usually have, which still gives me a little surprise sometimes when I drive up our street. I’ve always dreamed of misty mornings and smoking chimneys and warm cosy houses when it’s cold outside – I’m not a hot weather gal – so this time of year is heaven for me. I’m also greatly appreciating that it’s nearly the school holidays again (time flies!). Maybe that’s why to me it feels like the week before Christmas – where everything needs to be sorted and wrapped up and finished by the end of this week!

These are some of the happenings in my world..getting these faux-bamboo chairs (above) ready to take to a client’s house. They’ve been sprayed glossy orange, though it looks red here, and paired with green ikat fabric. I think it’ll look fabulous paired with this:

I also spied these bargain white side tables at..wait for it..the Reject Shop! today:

Okay, maybe not the best quality, but still a bargain!

There’s also a sneak peak of some help I’ve given Ellise over at the Charles Whyte blog with her living room curtains, if you want to check it out..


And..a little colour to end the day

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I’m getting a little sick of late nights, it’s very not my style these days! But it just seems like there are not enough hours in the day sometimes (I know I’m not alone here!), and I need my ‘mama’ time after the kids finally go to sleep to answer emails and do thrilling things like pack lunch boxes.

Today I dispatched some cushions to a (happy) client, sourced some new lamps for another, put together some fabric ideas for a living room and was on the hunt for a pair of armchairs for a client in Sydney. I’ve also gotten a few lovely emails from readers of my blog which I really love! I know it’s a soppy cliche but it really does warm my heart to hear nice things from people ‘out there’ who love the same things I do.

Anyway, I’m off but I’ll leave you with a few things I’ve had open on my desktop today to inspire me and make me happy whenever I look up…xx





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lisa fine

I just noticed that all these pics use the same colour scheme: orange/lilac/turquoise/a splash of lime! Very unintentional, must just be my mood!

My orange conversion

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coastal living

I bought an orange vase last week. That might not amaze you but for me it was a big step, given that a couple of years ago if you had asked me my least favourite colour I would have said yellow or orange. I still can’t wear them, but I have grown to love them in decorating. btw I’m desperate to use these fabrics (above) together!

jennifer flanders

That’s a strong shade of orange for a bedroom (above)! But it’s relieved by all the white and the orange leopard print. Love the details: white trim on the bedskirt, orange detail on the bed linen.



I like these two shades of orange together (above); the red orange of Chiang Mai lacquer paired with a lighter more yellow orange. So much more interesting than matchy-matchy.

coastal living

I think of this as a ‘Palm Beach’ look (above). That orange and blue topical wallpaper is fab!

house beautiful


Orange in a  more classic setting (above).

better homes and gardens


I’m a sucker for the odd painted piece of old furniture for that pop of bright colour! Such an easy thing to do at home and swap it around if you get sick of it. Orange looks great here against a black and white backdrop.

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