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Inspired by wardrobe colour

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Don’t you love getting a little glimpse into other people’s wardrobes? You know those spreads on celebrity wardrobes, where the shoe section alone is the size of an average bedroom?  I like organisation but they are sometimes a little too perfect for me. My favourite wardrobes (or closets!) are the ones where the design is interesting, but also where you get to see an accidental pairing of colours that happen to be showing. For me those little random snippets of colour are so inspiring. Like above, Hamish Bowles’ belt and tie collection provides a gorgeous display of pink, purple, orange and turquoise.

Here (above), my eye bounces between the reds and the greens, and the blue of the paintwork. I love those central ‘X’ design doors and the symmetrical storage on either side!
via shelter


A beautiful pairing of pink, red and brown (above). I like this wardrobe for its casualness, and I love the brown/grey walls.


Muted tones of green and brown, with a little pop of turquoise. Look at all those clutches!

coastal living via little green notebook

Greens and blues of the sea, with pink thrown in (above).  These are such summery colours – not a Melbourne wardrobe, no black at all! 


 Black and orange with an accent of green. The drawers look similar to the ones in the wardrobe above. Who wouldn’t want a dressing room like this one?


Muted tones of feminine pink and golf with a hint of bad-girl red and black.


Love the stylish black-and-white base of Nikki Hilton’s wardrobe. It really makes the turquoise and green pop. I love how her red dress and shoes match her coathangers!

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