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Purple rugs, walls and tv apartments

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I’m a little laid up at the moment with some sort of flu/bug so happened to be watching (after my last post I sound like a tv addict!) How I Met Your Mother in bed late last night. It was the episode starring Katie Holmes and in it her apartment was painted a nice shade of purple and teamed with green silky curtains. It put into mind all the purple in Jules Reid’s house (top two pics) featured in Matchbook magazine. I love the relaxed, casual white base of her home teamed with bold colour. Her Madeline Weinrib rugs are a fantastic starting point to her colour scheme! I’ve used both these rugs before and I have to say I never get sick of seeing them. I also love the soft purples of the office above, with its matching purple curtains and hints of dusky pinks and greens.

And on the topic of purple tv apartments, remember the most famous of them all? (clue: from Friends)


Naomi xx

Some Pretty Things

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Just a few of the things that are catching my attention today, soft pinks, deeper purples, velvets, flowers – all very romantic! But to me if you throw is some unpainted timber and some black and some straight lines (in furniture, lighting, or in organised art frames) jewel colours can be beautiful without being too feminine. In particular I love art displays like the one above- all faded neutral tones with gold, silver, and black.

Short but sweet today as I try to catch up on things in my office. On that note, I’m aware that my posts have been a little few and far between over the past couple of weeks..but I hope to be able to show a few more of the projects I’m working on as they come together leading up to Christmas..

Have a great Monday xx


Shades of purple loveliness

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I’ve really been contemplating shades of purple and blue today (I’ll explain why in tomorrow’s post), and sifting through the photos on my computer looking for inspiration. They’re not purple or blue, but check out the white herringbone floors (above), I’m smitten! And I love this little area with purple ikat wingback chairs in the corner of a (rather grand) bedroom – what a way to have breakfast!

There’s something about the way those black and white cushions and the shape of that coral lamp look with the purples that really appeals to me (above).

What a fabulous use of pastels! I like the way only one colour has been used in various shades in each room here (above). And I loooove that green velvet chair in the foreground!

katie ridder

This is why wallpaper in unexpected places like bathrooms is so much fun! I love this purple and silver wallpaper and the clear (acrylic?) legs on the sink unit.

scout design

It’s a little bit chinoiserie, a little bit retro, simple and so stylish! Again, I am loving the hints of black with the purple, and how each piece is beautifully shaped.

So Pretty

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What an amazing wall of portraits – all of women (?), such a beautiful collection.

The purples and aqua colours in this upholstery sing to me – and love that this classic chair and fabric is paired with sleek white furniture and a modern lamp.


Did you see the rest of Ruthie Sommers’ house in Lonny? So many classical elements and antiques paired with lots of colour – not to mention the gorgeous building that houses it all!


I love this vintage fashion shot- I’d love a big blown up version of it on a wall behind a sofa. Aren’t the colours beautiful?


My dream townhouse!

Have a great day xx

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