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Shades of purple loveliness

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I’ve really been contemplating shades of purple and blue today (I’ll explain why in tomorrow’s post), and sifting through the photos on my computer looking for inspiration. They’re not purple or blue, but check out the white herringbone floors (above), I’m smitten! And I love this little area with purple ikat wingback chairs in the corner of a (rather grand) bedroom – what a way to have breakfast!

There’s something about the way those black and white cushions and the shape of that coral lamp look with the purples that really appeals to me (above).

What a fabulous use of pastels! I like the way only one colour has been used in various shades in each room here (above). And I loooove that green velvet chair in the foreground!

katie ridder

This is why wallpaper in unexpected places like bathrooms is so much fun! I love this purple and silver wallpaper and the clear (acrylic?) legs on the sink unit.

scout design

It’s a little bit chinoiserie, a little bit retro, simple and so stylish! Again, I am loving the hints of black with the purple, and how each piece is beautifully shaped.

Latest finds and green paired with purple

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I have been busy this long weekend painting lamp bases that I’ve had around the house for ages waiting for me to do something with them. Remember the lamps from this post? Well I went to the hardware shop looking for some good spray paint in either kelly green or a nice shade of purple. I have to say the options were rather limited! I have since found that you can buy any colour in the rainbow from spray-paint suppliers online, but I’m a right-now kind of girl so I went ahead about bought the least offensive colour that I could get my hands on immediately – actually I bought a few options:
I thought I’d use the pink on a lamp for my office makeover. And the purple for the pair of lamps. I figured I’ll see how it goes and I can always re-do them later when I get a shade I really like. So I taped up the brass fitting at the top and the cord,
gave them a a bit of a scrub to remove all dirt and then gave them a couple of coats of White King super prime spray. I find it covers dark colours so well, and makes the top coat colour stick well and look better. This is after one coat of primer:
Then a coat of my purple spray paint:
After another coat of purple, I let them dry overnight then took off the masking tape:
It’s not quite the shade that I would wish for – a little too ‘grape-y’ for me but I think it will look better once I do the shades. I have some black velvet ribbon which I’m going to trim some white shades in, but I’m having trouble finding shades in the right shape. I’ve wanted to incorporate purple into my house for awhile, and I’ve long been inspired by this image:


I just love the purple ikat on the chair, especially paired with the black-and-white greek key rug.

As well as this lilac library:

angie hranowsky

Now THAT’S the colour I wanted for the lamps! It’s got a bit more grey in it, and less candy-ish.

And I know I’ve been going on about being obsessed with green at the moment, so my plan is to bring in green and purple, with some ikat in either shade, with some hints of pink and green as well. To fit with this I have been planning to recover these in something green:

But I scrapped that idea last night when I bought these on ebay:

The green velvet upholstery will go nicely with some purple/pink, plus I don’t have to worry about having anything recovered! I knew if I prevaricated for long enough it would all work out for the best..

Here are some purple-paired-with-green rooms – the boldest and the most subtle – that are inspiring me..

via apartment therapy

jonathan adler

via porterhouse designs

maison francaise magazine


lynn morgan design

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