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Saturday House of Inspiration – Mark D. Sikes

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I haven’t done a Saturday House of Inspiration for ages, and figured today is a perfect day to post some pics of Mark D. Sikes’ house. You may have seen some of the first pics in the January issue of House Beautiful, and the others are from Mark’s website.

I feel a real affinity with his sense of style! He’s obviously a collector, and I love that his house is full of ‘stuff’ and layers but that it’s all beautifully arranged, cohesive and doesn’t have a sense of clutter. Many of his bits and pieces are similar to things I own myself – and many more are things that I’d love to have!

Love black-painted rooms, like this bedroom and bathroom (above and below).

I just love this casual sitting area opposite the kitchen- the bookshelves around the windows are gorgeous.

I’ve posted Mark’s courtyard previously (also his kitchen which I didn’t repeat again in this post). It really is a dream – all that natural light streaming through the French doors on both sides of the ground floor…

Stunning, right?

We are off on yet more house-hunting adventures today. I woke up to a whole bunch of emails this morning asking about the house I was to see yesterday and also with stories of your own adventures – thank you so much, I love reading them and will give you a full update next week I promise!

Have a great weekend

Naomi xx

A white Farewell

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First off, I have to apologise for my terrible lack of posts this week! I’ve actually been feeling quite inspired but just haven’t seemed to find the time to sit down and share it. It’s been a bit of a hectic week and on top of the usual work and end-of-term stuff, my big boy turned 7 yesterday. Amazing to think where those seven years have gone, and all the magic that has happened in between!


I have a client who mentioned that she wants to have a wall in her entry way covered in framed prints. Straight away I thought of something like this (above): a wall of framed black and white maps or topographical drawings, framed in classic frames above a console that can act as storage and also display, with a couple of chairs on either side. The symmetry of this sort of arrangement always appeals, and I do love a good print/art/photo-covered wall.

I’m really drawn at the moment to these barn-like extensions that house a combined kitchen/living/dining area. I love this one because of the concrete-clad walls around the fridge and because of all the white – white beams/ceilings as well as white floors and white furniture, with some timber thrown in. Can you imagine this being your holiday house? Heaven!

Finally, isn’t this such a neat use of a little bathroom corner? The curved ‘floating’ bench is unobtrusive and I love the little niche below for the towels! My favourite parts of this bathroom though are the floor tiles and the twin high windows, twin industrial pendants offset by the centred mirror.

I’m off today for the school holidays so I’m afraid there will be another slightly extended break in transmission! I’ll be back next week. Have a great weekend All, and where it applies, Happy Holidays!

A bit of pastel loveliness

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martha stewart living


m and co


As much as I love bright colour I’m also always drawn to pastels and classical displays of beautiful things. Martha Stewart is really the Queen in my book of subtle muted colours used in elegant displays. I remember many years ago looking through my mum’s interiors magazines and being mesmerized by Martha’s home (can’t remember which one it was now but I remember the big white sink and her penchant for round tables stacked with books and topped with small objects d’art!).

Anyway, it’s been a busy week and I’m greatly looking forward to the school hols that start early tomorrow afternoon, spending time pottering at home with the kids and doing some cooking (still tons of lemons to use). Nothing like cold weather to make one think about food, food and more of the same!

Beautiful traditional rugs

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There’s something very comforting about a beautiful antique rug. They give an amazing injection of warmth into a room. Don’t you love the way the pinks and reds in the rug above relate to the cushion and artwork? (I’m a little jealous of all that natural light, too)



This art wall (above) with the upholstered bench in front and the orange-toned antique rug really does it for me! The oversized lamp really lends some elegance, don’t you think?

Proof that subtle colours can be just as effective. The shapes in this pic are so interesting- the curve of that deep-buttoned chair and the lines of the bamboo table, I just love this! x

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