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A yellow and grey living room

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I spoke a couple of posts ago about the appeal of sticking to a few colours when decorating a room, and the cohesive look that can be the result. This room by Philip Gorrivan is a perfect example; I love his use of grey and yellow with hints of powder blue and touches of black and gold. And a touch of whimsy too in the woolly sheep!

For me the highlights of the room are the pleated pelmet with the grey trim, the yellow curtains against the yellow patterned wallpaper, and the gorgeous grey scallop-patterned rug.

That giant frameless beach photograph is amazing! And it adds a modern touch paired with the gilt mirror above the fireplace and the brass/gold coffee table.

There’s a definite Hollywood Regency note here and a bit of 60’s mod style too. I like the black-and-white geometric blinds against the black walls and how it plays off the yellow wallpaper pattern.

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A little bit of Regency Style

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I am in the process of ordering these chairs for a client:

I love faux-bamboo chairs (and real bamboo chairs!), but of course we have all seen them before. And it got me thinking about a recent post on Little Green Notebook about being overexposed to some elements in design. The question was whether, by seeing – and from the point of view of decorators, using – the same pieces over and over again, do those design elements become cliche? Should you not do something because it’s been done before? And should design bloggers aim to only post things that nobody has yet seen?

My feeling is that something- a piece of furniture or a fabric for example – that we consider beautiful doesn’t become less so just because someone else has it or because it’s ‘been done’. You like the things you like, irrespective of how many other people like the same thing. For my part, starting this blog was motivated by a simple desire to document the things that I like in interiors and houses, to put ‘onto paper’ my current decoration musings, and to record things I might be doing in my home or in my work. I certainly have no pretentions to being a design groundbreaker!

(How gorgeous is that purple rug (above)? The way the colour is picked up in the vases, tulips and artwork is so beautiful).

All of this got me thinking about how Hollywood Regency style- and often faux-bamboo chairs – is everywhere you look these days. Does that make it any less gorgeous? No way!

A little bit regency, a little bit retro (above). Brown, white and green works, but those pink vases make this space great.

(pics fom decorpad)

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