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A dream house on the water

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In my seemingly endless search for a new home and project I came across this amazing property on the Mornington Peninsula. For those who don’t know Melbourne, this house is on the bay, facing back towards the city. I know the term ‘Hamptons’ tends to be overused and means different things to different people, but to me a ‘Hamptons’ style house will always have an abundance of white-painted timber work, and this is one of the highlights of this house. And check out the view!

What’s not to love about this kitchen? The wide-planked timber floors, the marble benchtops and endless views across the water.

In the entry foyer the timber mouldings and chandelier give a sense of formality, but the large panes of glass framing the doorway and the pocket sliding doors into the adjoining rooms are both more contemporary. Doesn’t that pooch make the whole shot feel more casual and homely?

This deck is one of my favourite things in the house- imagine having your evening drink out here every night! But it’s not just the view that gets me, it’s the woodwork and the timber-lined ceiling.

Another look at the fabulous kitchen, with its simple shaker-style doors and nickel drawer pulls.

I love wooden floors in bathrooms- a lot of people are afraid of them and worry they will get damaged by the water, but actually if sealed properly they work fine, and they lend some real continuity to this house.

What lucky children to have views like this from their bedrooms! Love the corner windows and window seats to capitalise on that outlook, rather than a conventional window centred on the side walls.

Does anyone know what the commute to the city is like from the Mornington Peninsula? It does look like a dream lifestyle but I admit I don’t know that area well.

Have a great Thursday,

Naomi xx


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The happenings in the U.S. this weekend have left me feeling sick and down, and I know I’m not alone. Tragedies do have a way of putting life’s little problems into perspective, and all of a sudden my stress about getting cushion inserts in the next day or two seems completely unimportant.


But, of course, life has to go on and things are very busy this week, with three instals do get through before the holidays. I’ve been busy getting fabrics to the upholsterer for last-minute re-upholstery jobs. The fabric above is for a chaise that I have my fingers crossed will be recovered by the end of the week!

I’ve also been getting together the last bits and pieces for a ‘Hamptons’-inspired house I’ve been working on.  I had this deep-buttoned linen ottoman made for one of the living rooms and thankfully it is ready just in time for the instal this week.

Last week also involved a visit to another furniture maker to check on pieces for clients;

beautifully made oak bedside tables,

and I love the different timbers in this parquetry dining table.

This was a little Christmas present for myself, a lovely oak ‘vigneron’ table, in the style of an antique French wine-tasting table.


On another topic, I’m also really liking blue and green at the moment, and thinking about how to use a whole lot of Kravet’s ‘Mandala’ fabric that I picked up recently:

I’m saving it for the next house, but I’m thinking it might be good paired with some green, or maybe on a headboard. The blues and greens work so well together in Jeffrey Alan Marks’ house (I have been getting into Million Dollar Decorators lately, but I must have missed this issue of Elle Decor):

Incidentally, I’m just finishing a room in blues and greens where we have used the Christopher Farr fabric as on the long ottoman above.

My prayers are going out to the families of Newtown.

Naomi xx

A relaxed country/beach house

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You might have seen this Hamptons beach house before in House Beautiful, but I’ve just come across and love its casual, relaxed style. It wouldn’t even need to be near the beach – I can imagine this as a country cottage opening onto a beautiful garden, where you can keep the doors open all day as you cook, read, relax and potter about outside. I love the faded reds, the antique rug, the kitchen’s chequered tile floor, the toile chair – I’m still a fan of this fabric, and you can’t have a country cottage without a bit of toile!

Naomi x

Two fabulous beach houses

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My good friend Lynne in Perth shares my obsession with house-hunting and dreaming of places in the country or by the sea. She often sends me fantastic houses that she has found, and these two beach houses are the latest. Both amazing in their different ways, which do you prefer (if you had to choose one!)?


The first one is very ‘Hamptons’, in Somers, Vic, and is situated right on the beach:

Amazing right?


The second house is in Lorne, Vic, and is just as impressive but quite different. Rather than being on the beach, it’s situated in the mountains overlooking the water. It also has more of a French Provincial feel rather than the feel of a ‘beach house’. The things I love about this house (aside from the obvious!), are that it feels private and secluded, and really warm and cosy as well as being filled with light. You know I love a house on a hilltop!


Look at that floor and ceiling! What a dream!

So, if you were in the unfortunate position of having to choose between these two amazing homes, which would you pick?

(I think they are both still for sale)

Naomi xx

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