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And..a little colour to end the day

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I’m getting a little sick of late nights, it’s very not my style these days! But it just seems like there are not enough hours in the day sometimes (I know I’m not alone here!), and I need my ‘mama’ time after the kids finally go to sleep to answer emails and do thrilling things like pack lunch boxes.

Today I dispatched some cushions to a (happy) client, sourced some new lamps for another, put together some fabric ideas for a living room and was on the hunt for a pair of armchairs for a client in Sydney. I’ve also gotten a few lovely emails from readers of my blog which I really love! I know it’s a soppy cliche but it really does warm my heart to hear nice things from people ‘out there’ who love the same things I do.

Anyway, I’m off but I’ll leave you with a few things I’ve had open on my desktop today to inspire me and make me happy whenever I look up…xx





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lisa fine

I just noticed that all these pics use the same colour scheme: orange/lilac/turquoise/a splash of lime! Very unintentional, must just be my mood!

I adore this

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vogue living


I’m still working on my own DIY abstract paintings but I wanted to share my latest inspiration picture. Everything here just, as my blogging friend and sometime client Ellise over at Charles Whyte would say, makes my heart sing! The colours in the painting are beyond amazing, and notice how they include the same shade of lavender as the table cloth? This is my idea of decorating heaven (sigh).

Carolyn’s new house Part 2

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I mentioned awhile ago that my friend Carolyn is building a new house. You can read more about it here. She is currently negotiating the minefield that is getting her building plans through Council, and while that is happening I have been imagining what the inside spaces of the various architectural drafts could look like. These are some of the latest images inspiring the look we are planning…

image credits: style at home, willa skye home etsy shop, katie rosenfeld, lonny

Happy Friday!

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It’s Friday at last and I’m going to my happy place knowing I can wake up and not have to do the early morning multiple drop-off.  Instead I get to host a birthday party with 15 5 year-olds – not exactly relaxing! But a lot of fun. Have a wonderful and happy weekend! x

Image via everything fabulous
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