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A city townhouse high on style

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One of the things that caught my eye earlier in the year was this house that was featured in UK House & Garden. My mum had bought the issue and had stuck a post-it with my name on it on this spread- she knew I’d love it! I call it a town house because I picture it being a tall and narrow terrace house- the perfect city pad.

Symmetry reigns here (above), and these are my colours- greys and blues, with lots of natural textures thrown in. I love the dark grey walls, the nickel wall lamps, the books, the casual chunky sisal rug. I’m even partial to the display of a bit of taxidermy, animal horns and skulls, but this is something that should be practiced in moderation people!

The other side of the room shows the hit of yellow and the modern abstract artworks. My boys would love it if I used framed pictures of Lego figures as artwork!

A very modern Scandinavian-style dining area in the open-plan kitchen at the back of the house. You can only just see it, but the stairwell coming down into this space is also the office and is lined with Hicks hexagonal wallpaper. The thing I really like about this house is though it’s small, it has colour and pattern used in every space, which can sometimes look as though someone has tried to use every single fabric and colour they like in a space that’s too small to house them all. Here it makes every corner interesting and homely as well as stylish.

Look at all the pattern in the red and grey master bedroom- and the wall of mismatched artworks – it’s fun, warm and cosy.

The twin bedroom above and below made me stop because it’s basically the same scheme I had been planning for one of my boy’s bedrooms in our next house- I’d even bought the same fabrics! The bedhead fabric is one I had used in a recent job and loved it so much I needed to use it at home too. I love, love the dark grey/blue walls. Notice how in the magazine photo above they placed a mirror in between the beds to reflect the green greyhound painting opposite, but it’s absent from the room normally (below).

I’m hoping to get to at least one open house tomorrow, hope you all have a great weekend!

Naomi xx

Saturday House of Inspiration

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It’s been awhile since I’ve shown a Saturday House of Inspiration, but I’ve seen a few lately that are worth sharing. One of my favourite new blogs – new in that I have only recently discovered it but I think it’s a fairly new blog also – is Bumble at Home, a blog about a Shi Tzu’s life at his stunning Southern Highlands property. But he also visits many stylish homes in Sydney, and one of these belongs to Robyn Holt.

You might remember Robyn from the tv show The Renovators last year, but she is also an ex-Editor of Vogue Living among numerous other achievements in the worlds of publishing, fashion and interiors. So as you can imagine her home is very stylish, and filled with fantastic photography and artefacts from her time working overseas.

I was interested in seeing Robyn’s home because I have clippings in my ‘inspiration files’ of her home – it must have been her previous one – that was featured a few years ago in Vogue Living. It had been decorated by Marco Meneguzzi, and was absolutely stunning, though a lot more pared-back than this current home. I’ll have to dig out those clippings and show you. I do recognise the pair of timber-framed armchairs in her living room from that spread.


I love the little desk nook above between the french doors and the bookcase. It just goes to show you that you don’t need a separate room to have a potential work space. Again ( I commented on similar doors in a post a few days ago), I love the arched top to the french doors- imagine how different it would be without it!

The colour scheme is pretty monochromatic and is mainly a sophisticated combination of greys, whites and neutrals, with a hint of aubergine and pink in the ikat pillows.

Look at all the great black and white photography! What a fantastic collection.

Another great shot of this interesting ‘bookshelf corner’. Notice how it’s the natural elements that bring the room to life- here it’s the white orchid and the red coral branch. And is any really stylish home ever without a fiddle-leaf fig tree? They can be a little hard to source here in Australia, and I am told quite a temperamental plant, but they are very elegant and light-looking as an indoor bit of live greenery.

This is one of the my favourite displays in Robyn’s home; I love the opaque glass lantern, the symmetrical pairs of antique chairs, wall sconces and tall green ginger jars. And I love that huge grey abstract painting paired with all the more classic elements.

The dining area is small but stylish, and looks larger because of the mirrored inserts beside the fireplace. Love those autumn leaves!

Robyn’s husband Jim in their library, with it’s floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and lovely leather wing chair.

The courtyard’s water feature and wall of Chinese star jasmine (I’m guessing here?).

The hallway seems to be a few steps up from the entry area, where a lacquered black Chinese console table sits under a stunning big black and white fashion photo. You can see throughout the home little hints of Robyn’s time spend working around the world.

I hope you found this home as inspiring as I did! Have a great weekend.

Naomi xx

Picture walls

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Yesterday morning my two sisters and I braved an ominous-looking stormy sky and headed to the markets. It didn’t rain and we had a lovely time scouting for bargains and treasures, particularly for my sister Bethany, who will shortly be moving into a new apartment in Sydney. One of the things she bought was a series of black and white architectural and street-scape photographs to add to her collection to create a black-framed photo wall, similar to the one above.


A wall of similarly framed photos or drawings has just as much impact as a single large painting, and often can be done much more cheaply! (Hooray for Ikea Ribba frames! I know we’ve all used them) I love that a picture wall can look modern or classic, masculine or feminine, like that gorgeous top bathroom.

Naomi x

Beautiful classical style

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I love this arrangement of classic objects d’art in front of a stylish gallery wall of pictures. Everything about it appeals; the mainly colourless pictures against a grey wall, the nickel lamps, timber chest topped with a shapely black mirror, and of course my favourite blue-and-white-striped chair upholstery. When you put together a group of beautiful items, it’s hard not to create a beautiful display!

We are having a mini celebration in our house tonight in honour of one week’s completion of Prep! A great achievement for any 5 year-old, and worthy of celebratory tacos.

Have a great weekend!

Naomi xx

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