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Around the house

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I am really, really loving having my kids at home these holidays. We’ve had our share of arguments and wrestling matches (during which yesterday a front tooth was lost – a wobbly one though), but it’s lovely not having to rush off to school every morning. I’m still getting some work done during the toddler’s nap times too. Over the past few days I’ve really enjoyed going through some of my design books and magazines that pile up everywhere.

This week I bought the 2011 makeover issue of Coastal Living (please excuse dodgy iphone pics above and to follow)- it’s fantastic though made me feel woefully out of date as I’ve seen several of the pictures before online (and the prices for these ‘special edition’ US mags is outrageous- $19 for a magazine!). It features several makeovers/renovations that I love, though I like especially the ones where they’ve modified the original house a little but basically just used a ton of white paint and then decorated. These seem so much more attainable and therefore more inspiring, and have me thinking about where I want to live next.

(I didn’t realise this pic was so blurry sorry! But had to include it as the house is so amazing)

Just about all the houses in the magazine (remember it’s coastal living, so this explains it a bit) are weatherboard and two -story with decking along the front. Wouldn’t it be great to find something like this overlooking water? So much cheaper to add on to or modify than brick houses, and there’s something so satisfying about painting timber white- ceilings, walls and floor!

We are off on more weekender house-hunting this Saturday. I drove by the last house I mentioned, but was very disappointed to find that the ‘front’ of the house actually faces the side of the block. Does this matter? It made the place so much less attractive to me, that the living room doesn’t face the street, and that the main bedroom does. What do you think? I know it sounds silly but one of the things I imagined was how nice a Christmas tree would look from the street placed in the living room’s bay window. But actually, the bay window faces the fence..

On the topic of having magazines and design books on every available surface, I found a gorgeous antique Flemish chest of drawers the other day when I was out looking for pieces for clients (this happens not irregularly)

On my travels I also saw some lovely geometric black and white decorative boxes at Early Settler. I forgot to take a pic of them but when I saw them I thought of this room:

(the ones in the shop are small for coffee tables etc). I just love the green of the wall, the blues in the painting against it and the simple black and white furniture pieces. It goes to show how a little black and white geometric pattern can bring a pop to a classic room – and I think I’ve just talked myself into picking up a couple of those boxes!

I’m also loving this grey and yellow mixed with warm timber (and great windows). And this library with an antique rug in blues and bookshelves painted black on the insides..

thomas o'brien

Sorry for the slightly random and meandering post! Have a great weekend.

Naomi xx

My morning and decorating musings

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I’ve been getting fabrics ready this morning to send to various workrooms, and also choosing fabrics for some up-coming projects. This blue and white geometric fabric is on its way to be made into two new drum lamp shades for a client’s amazing lamps (seriously, when she showed me I wanted to buy some, they are gorgeous!).


Also this morning I picked up these two stools. I’m so excited about what I have in store for these, they are really going to look amazing. I had a plan ready before I even picked them up, and it involves fresh white paint and some of this fabric:

La Fiorentina in wine/magenta to replace the current fabric:



You might remember when I found this big shade by the side of the road. It’s a great quality shade and in perfect condition, and I’ve been trying to figure out where I could hang it, and what to cover it in. I’m now thinking of either this fabric:

Which I’d pair with a wall colour like this:

and something, maybe a long bench, covered in this:

Can you picture it? Or, another idea is to cover the shade in this:

And paint the walls in this:

Then cover my bench in something like this:

Katana in Berry..decisions, decisions!

On another note, my seamstress and general vintage clothing lover sister is having a stall at The Way We Wear Vintage Fair in Williamstown this weekend. Apparently it will be full to bursting with all kinds of great fashion stalls and bargains (not just vintage but all kinds of treasures) so if you’re free come on down!




Hello again and some new additions

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Well, it feels like I’ve been away from my computer for ages, which I suppose is a good thing. We have had an extra-long weekend, given that there was no school last Friday. It’s given me a chance to get onto some boring-but-necessary-and-nobody-else-is-going-to-do-it jobs around the house, as well as do some sorting of things in my office. The advantage of boring jobs is that they don’t require a whole lot of brain power so I did a lot of thinking about colours and fabric combinations I’d like to try (yes, this is what goes on in my mind most of the time!), and also things I’d like to buy for the house (my wishlist). Actually, I’ve been fantasising about buying a new house (more light, more rooms to decorate, you know the story), but that’s another post altogether.

I still have that tin of turquoise paint that I am thinking of using to update my small entry hall (which I agonised over here and here). I thought it might be a great backdrop to one of the faux-bamboo tables I ordered recently:

Incidentally, the same tables were pictured in a stunning apartment in the latest issue of Vogue Living:

page of the latest Vogue Living mag via absolutely beautiful things

I also have an old cane mirror in the front hall that I could paint, and a new little chinoiserie ceramic planter that would look great against the turquoise walls if I potted it with an orchid…anyway you see the thread of my weekend musings!

Other excitement over the weekend was when I stumbled across an out-of-the-way second hand shop, which was full of both junk and some hidden treasures. These kinds of places are my favourite, and I literally dream of finding little junk shops full of stuff you have to sort through, where everything is $2-$5. Well, I found one!

This is a picture of most of my haul taken when I first got home. The most expensive thing was the pair of paintings, which were $15 for the pair! Most of these will find their way into clients’ homes but I’m already using the pretty chinoiserie plate ($2) as a catch-all for keys etc when we come in the front door.

I hope your weekend was fab! x

My morning at the Markets

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I love this time of year in Melbourne. It’s cool enough to wear a scarf and a jacket but still sunny and slightly breezy. And now that daylight savings has finished it’s not dark if you want to get up early on a Sunday morning and head to some markets. There is truly nothing like having fresh flowers in the house, it really lifts my spirits and makes everything look more cheery. You can see my lillies and tulips haven’t opened all the way up yet, so they should last at least through the week! I also picked up the poppy dish, the antique paperweight and the real shell dipped in silver at the markets. I love finding new treasures!

I actually didn’t take many pictures yesterday as almost as soon as we got there I bought a big ceramic lamp and a gorgeous bamboo planter that I want to use as a wastepaper bin in my office. Is it wrong to get really excited about a rubbish bin!? So my hands were full and taking pics was a little tricky. I was looking at the lamps above, $60 for the pair and working, but when I went away to think about it for 5 minutes someone else snapped them up!

There was lots of cane furniture which I love but it’s not high on my list of priorities right now..

You can sort of see it in the pic above resting on the pink cabinet, a mantlepiece/shelf made from timber and old brackets – I loved it and could see it in an old Victorian house over a fireplace, with all the walls and floorboards painted white..sadly I have no such house so I had to walk away.

There was a time when I would have given anything for this antique french stool with original upholstery – it was only $35!! It’s funny how your tastes change. I still loved it though! Also loved the way the stallholder displayed his wares.

Also loved but didn’t buy these vintage framed botanicals – they’d look great in the same house as the french stool!

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