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My new favourite house!

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I am so in the market for a new house! Something like this would be a dream – timber-lined walls for that tropical/beachy feel (there’s not a lot of this in Melbourne I have to say, but it was everywhere in Brisbane) – a big open plan living room with soaring ceiling (below), and that amazing front door that you can see in the mirror’s reflection. I also LOVE all the lanterns – I’m a big fan of lantern-style lighting. See that rug (above)? We are using an almost identical pale patchwork cowhide rug in the entry way of a client’s house. I love this entry setup with the huge mirror behind the hall table.

Another lantern! Love the white walls and the white piping on the black chair covers, all paired with a big rustic timber table- and those windows!

Do I need to mention the lantern in the kitchen?

Love the pared-back windows with no curtains and the modern take on a Moroccan style sitting area (above). I could very easily play my copycat room here too…

Do you think the bed was placed at this angle for the photo or that it’s always like this? The simple white wardrobes are perfect- they just blend into the background here.

This room is just about perfect for me! I always love a mixture of the refined and elegant, and the rustic and masculine. And all those textures are gorgeous..

My Dream room!!

Sticking to a colour scheme

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I love the idea of a co-ordinated home, with a colour scheme limited to 3 or 4 main colours, where everything looks like it is supposed to go together, but that still looks like a home with personality. It’s easy to do it with other people’s homes, and easy to edit things down when you can look at them objectively. I find that it’s so so easy in my own home, where I change things – furniture/accessories/colours – constantly!

I am really loving this home’s colour scheme: black, white, blue, with accents of pale pink. I adore the pink, and love blue/white/pink together. But take out the pink and in its place put green. Or yellow. Or red. See what I mean? Because the pink is in blocks of colour it works just as well with other colours that look good with blue. Those horizontally-striped curtains are fabulous, and I love the way they’re continued throughout. 

What a difference a giant mirror makes! I wonder if the lattice-pattern on the walls is a paper? I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to create the same effect with tape and paint. Love it!

interiors by samantha pynn

My favourite entryways

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I posted yesterday about doing something interesting to the walls in my small front hallway. Whilst I would love for my front door to open into a much larger hallway or, even better, into an entry foyer, you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got, right? My little hall has a door opening off it in all four directions (including the front door), and at the moment is painted a pale grey by Taubman’s called ‘Pebble Bay’. It’s a gorgeous colour but, because it takes only a fraction of a second to pass through the hall, you don’t notice the colour and it’s kind of a ‘nothing’ space. I’ve been toying with the idea of wallpaper or dark paint for the walls to give it some ‘wow’ when you come in. It’s got me thinking about entryways and what you can do with them.


 This is a classic look that I adore (above). The blue/grey/white scheme on the walls is subtle but interesting and the antique table is beautiful.

windsor smith in house beautiful

My dream entryway is Windsor Smith’s. There’s nothing I don’t love: glossy black doors, chequered floors, amazing staircase and the circular grey seat that she designed. The colours, furniture and architecture are all perfection!

via apartment therapy

 Even a tiny corner like this one (above) can function as an entryway and make you feel that you’ve ‘arrived’. The wallpaper is key and really makes the space feel like a separate room of its own. The drawers that function as a storage unit for keys etc. are small but because the scale is in proportion to the mirror and light, it makes the space feel taller and larger. Love it!

house beautiful

 Maybe in my future dream home I could have an entryway like this (above). I dream of those doors, an arched entry and that staircase (literally). Love the white floors and the blue french chair  – and the cute owl umbrella stand.

country living

 Again, you don’t need a lot of space to have a welcoming entry area. Doesn’t the shape of the mirror above go well with the geometric wallpaper?


 I couldn’t tell you how many times I have looked at this image from domino (above). Love the combination of antique furniture with modern accessories.


This is one of my fave pics (above) because it shows how you can have an ‘entryway’ even if your front door opens directly into a room. The long floor rug delineates the ‘hallway’ space, and having the sofa with its back to the door creates a dividing-wall effect. The dark floor here really anchors the space, and the architectural column also helps to define the two areas.

bear hill interiors

 You can hardly see the wallpaper in this entryway (above), but the turquoise lamp and painting highlight its colours. It’s a luxury to have room for a sofa in the front hall, and in my house would be a great dumping-ground for shoes and school bags!

traditional home

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