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Saturday House of Inspiration – Mark D. Sikes

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I haven’t done a Saturday House of Inspiration for ages, and figured today is a perfect day to post some pics of Mark D. Sikes’ house. You may have seen some of the first pics in the January issue of House Beautiful, and the others are from Mark’s website.

I feel a real affinity with his sense of style! He’s obviously a collector, and I love that his house is full of ‘stuff’ and layers but that it’s all beautifully arranged, cohesive and doesn’t have a sense of clutter. Many of his bits and pieces are similar to things I own myself – and many more are things that I’d love to have!

Love black-painted rooms, like this bedroom and bathroom (above and below).

I just love this casual sitting area opposite the kitchen- the bookshelves around the windows are gorgeous.

I’ve posted Mark’s courtyard previously (also his kitchen which I didn’t repeat again in this post). It really is a dream – all that natural light streaming through the French doors on both sides of the ground floor…

Stunning, right?

We are off on yet more house-hunting adventures today. I woke up to a whole bunch of emails this morning asking about the house I was to see yesterday and also with stories of your own adventures – thank you so much, I love reading them and will give you a full update next week I promise!

Have a great weekend

Naomi xx

The beauty of black

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I’ve just got this thing for black at the moment. Wrong time of year really for craving dark spaces, but I’d love to paint a room black. And I keep wanting to buy black pieces of furniture – a library, a velvet armchair, a buttoned ottoman – but I have to be careful in my sunlight-challenged rooms with my black/brown floorboards! I just love the impact of black and also its grown-up-ness, if you know what I mean..

In other news, I was heading home today and was stopped by a big red SALE banner outside a fave furniture store. Ten minutes later I was loading new dining chairs into the car (finally, we can eat at the table instead of the bench!). The slipcovers are linen instead of my desired white, but I figured I can have some more made – or does anyone know about the possibilities of bleach on linen??



Decorating with black

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I’ve posted about the beauty of black and its usefulness as a decorating tool before. Black against white (like against the walls and bookshelves above) in particular will obviously always have impact!

I adore this subtle use of black (above), paired with pale greys and neutrals. The striped rug adds a little extra punch where a flat pale rug might have looked bland and washed out.

Layered black and white photos with black frames looks sophisticated and masculine paired with classic architectural elements and glossy black woodwork – I’ve always been drawn to moody dark displays like this, I love it!

The framed black and white photos of bamboo tie in with the painted black geometric pattern on the floor (above).

Wow! Such a great idea to break up all the white and add some drama (above), and black working hard to highlight architectural details (below).

I absolutely love black-painted doors (I have mentioned this a million times before I know!). And this dutch-door is such a great idea- why doesn’t anyone have them anymore? Such a perfect solution when you want to let the light and fresh air in but keep children and pets from getting out. I’ll have to add this to my ‘building dream home’ file! – (though by the time I am able to build my dream home my children will probably be too old to need a a dutch door!)

More beautiful black doors from my inspiration files..

This picture (above) captures a little dream that I’ve had for awhile..a dark and cosy (but still sophisticated) country house with moody lighting surrounded by huge old trees. I think this dream has its roots in all the English period dramas that I was brought up on (and still love). And you might remember a tv ad for Victorian tourism that was on a couple of years ago, where couples were chasing each other through vineyards and barns, and end up in this fabulous country house with stone floors and antique rugs, leather couches and a huge fireplace (the house and room were only pictured for a second so a lot of this is probably imagined!). Anyway I’m rambling but that house has also stayed with me.

An old classic that always works: black and white chequered floor tiles (above).

On my more anti-clutter days I love Darryl Carter’s interiors (have you seen his book on the new traditional style?). Lots of neutrals and black and white, with a focus on every single piece being individually beautiful. I just love the mix of antiques, modern pieces and textures.

Love, love this black and white kitchen, with its black herringbone floors, black French doors, marble subway tiles and giant lantern!


And how’s this for masculine?

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I’m still on the lookout for stylish ideas for a masculine apartment, especially things that would work for a small space. Last night I came across this in my files (I forget what’s even in there!):

Isn’t it perfect? I love the black walls, the wall lights and the tan chesterfield sofa. Also the touches of silver and steel. The only thing I might change if this were a man-only pad is the chandelier, and replace it with something more modern or retro.

And on the subject of black walls, how amazing is Aerin Lauder’s black lacquered library?

And not just the black walls, but that lamp! And the photograph, and the carpet, even the rubbish bin under the desk…

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