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My kind of Hamptons style

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Yesterday’s post had some themes similar to today’s gorgeous room. A Persian rug, some blue stripes, a little wicker and a little shine (which happens to come from the table lamp in both posts). This is pretty much the perfect room for me; classic without being stuffy, great architecture and lots and lots of books!

Naomi x

Around the house

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I am really, really loving having my kids at home these holidays. We’ve had our share of arguments and wrestling matches (during which yesterday a front tooth was lost – a wobbly one though), but it’s lovely not having to rush off to school every morning. I’m still getting some work done during the toddler’s nap times too. Over the past few days I’ve really enjoyed going through some of my design books and magazines that pile up everywhere.

This week I bought the 2011 makeover issue of Coastal Living (please excuse dodgy iphone pics above and to follow)- it’s fantastic though made me feel woefully out of date as I’ve seen several of the pictures before online (and the prices for these ‘special edition’ US mags is outrageous- $19 for a magazine!). It features several makeovers/renovations that I love, though I like especially the ones where they’ve modified the original house a little but basically just used a ton of white paint and then decorated. These seem so much more attainable and therefore more inspiring, and have me thinking about where I want to live next.

(I didn’t realise this pic was so blurry sorry! But had to include it as the house is so amazing)

Just about all the houses in the magazine (remember it’s coastal living, so this explains it a bit) are weatherboard and two -story with decking along the front. Wouldn’t it be great to find something like this overlooking water? So much cheaper to add on to or modify than brick houses, and there’s something so satisfying about painting timber white- ceilings, walls and floor!

We are off on more weekender house-hunting this Saturday. I drove by the last house I mentioned, but was very disappointed to find that the ‘front’ of the house actually faces the side of the block. Does this matter? It made the place so much less attractive to me, that the living room doesn’t face the street, and that the main bedroom does. What do you think? I know it sounds silly but one of the things I imagined was how nice a Christmas tree would look from the street placed in the living room’s bay window. But actually, the bay window faces the fence..

On the topic of having magazines and design books on every available surface, I found a gorgeous antique Flemish chest of drawers the other day when I was out looking for pieces for clients (this happens not irregularly)

On my travels I also saw some lovely geometric black and white decorative boxes at Early Settler. I forgot to take a pic of them but when I saw them I thought of this room:

(the ones in the shop are small for coffee tables etc). I just love the green of the wall, the blues in the painting against it and the simple black and white furniture pieces. It goes to show how a little black and white geometric pattern can bring a pop to a classic room – and I think I’ve just talked myself into picking up a couple of those boxes!

I’m also loving this grey and yellow mixed with warm timber (and great windows). And this library with an antique rug in blues and bookshelves painted black on the insides..

thomas o'brien

Sorry for the slightly random and meandering post! Have a great weekend.

Naomi xx

And how’s this for masculine?

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I’m still on the lookout for stylish ideas for a masculine apartment, especially things that would work for a small space. Last night I came across this in my files (I forget what’s even in there!):

Isn’t it perfect? I love the black walls, the wall lights and the tan chesterfield sofa. Also the touches of silver and steel. The only thing I might change if this were a man-only pad is the chandelier, and replace it with something more modern or retro.

And on the subject of black walls, how amazing is Aerin Lauder’s black lacquered library?

And not just the black walls, but that lamp! And the photograph, and the carpet, even the rubbish bin under the desk…

Another incredible designer’s home

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I picked up a stack of old Madison and InStyle magazines at an op shop the other day, which I do from time to time to look at the ‘living’ sections, and came across the amazing home of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. It’s a display of such incredible eclectic style, but so liveable, and not fancy and designer-ish at all. In particular, I am absolutely smitten with her library/living room, with the wall-to-wall bookshelves and the library ladders! I want a room just like this one in my next house (my dissatisfaction with my current house grows every time I see something like this and have to confront my home’s unbearable inadequacies. Forget only having one bathroom, what I’m really lacking is a huge library room!) The rug is pretty great, too. I love her use of colour and mixing of styles.



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