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A peek at a before and after project

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Today is one of those days where I’m stuck in my office catching up on paperwork, making phone calls and sitting at the computer – not getting out and seeing much to inspire me! So I thought I’d share a couple of photos a client sent me of the progress being made in her home. My clients recently moved into a beautiful modern house, with gorgeous sandstone walls and water views, but wanted to inject a little more colour and punch with the decor. We also wanted to work with their amazing Aboriginal art collection. Here’s a before shot of the ‘adult’ living space, which centred around a painting by Minnie Pwerle:

And here’s a couple of progress shots with the key pieces in place. Apparently the hot pink rug is a big hit!:

In the bedrooms my clients inherited these slightly strange and dated upholstered panels as feature walls, which were recovered with wallpaper to tie in with the other decor choices. Here’s an idea of the bedrooms before:

and after:

My client had the idea of turning what was formerly the dining room into a smart playroom (keeping the large wall aquarium). Here’s what it looked like before:

Again, we wanted to work around a painting, this time by Gloria Petyarre:

and then with the new rug:

The following isn’t the world’s greatest photo but I also wanted to show you a pic of the progress in my clients’ bathroom renovations. I love the wall of black and white Moroccan – inspired tiles in the shower!

Have a great Thursday! xx

Statement Art

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As I posted about art yesterday I thought I’d share a few more rooms where the focus is on the amazing artwork. The room above is one of my favourites, because of the colour scheme but also because of the mix of styles and shapes. It mixes geometrics (box pleating on chair upholstery, rug) with curly, feminine lines (side table, curtain fabric, wall sconces) and the textured, industrial style of the painting. It’s something unexpected, like pairing pink chairs with polkadots with this rough, masculine painting that to me can makes a room successful.

Beautiful pastels, where the painting is the focal point of the room (above).

I threw this one in for my friend Kimberley, who’s a doggy person (plus, how cute is this? Art doesn’t need to be serious!).

Love, love the impact of this giant painting, and of course all the greys (above).

This is such a fun, happy room and I love the big, bright animal painting for a family room!

I think this piece (above) is beautiful and really interesting – I’m wondering if when my kids are a little older I could give them a giant canvas and ask them to paint their version, because to me it really looks and feels like a story told in pictures.

Love the blues here and the ‘map’ carpet, but also how the wall appears to be part of the overall piece (above).

I absolutely adore large-scale photos as a statement art piece, and I posted about it here.

I’ve had this picture saved for ages (above), because it appeals to me so much- the dark grey walls are a great backdrop for the bright painting, but also love the mix of furniture and the mirror reflecting the potted tree.

How pretty is this (above)?

Every now and then I go through a real modern Scandinavian-inspired period where I crave a dining room just like this (above). Love that painting!

Art with Mood

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This photo (above) caught my eye as I wandered through the Architectural Digest website the other day, and I’ve been a little bit obsessed with it ever since. I think my love of good art (good? I guess art appreciation is inherently subjective but I think most of us think we can recognise ‘good’ from ‘bad’) was instilled in me early by my artist mum; our house when I was growing up was always full of paintings and sculpture by mum and by other artists, some of which I’m lucky enough to now have in my home. When we visited other countries the first stop was always the galleries (and the churches). And now, the two things I could happily spend my last pennies on are paintings and real estate (and perhaps one day I will have some pennies to indulge in these things!). The thing that strikes me about the paintings above are that they are all abstracts, and all in the same warm greys and neutral tones. I love the shades of grey in the furnishings and the paint of the bookshelves (and the men’s clothing). This collection and the whole arrangement has really inspired me to start something similar.


Also on the topic of beautiful artwork paired with shades of grey and warm neutrals, this hallway is one of my favourites. That wall colour is my all-time fave colour, and a dark grey hallway filled with books and amazing artwork is truly a version of Heaven for me 🙂

Monday at my house

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My weekend was more productive than relaxing. LOTS of cleaning and washing for me, tidying up the garden and enjoying the sunshine outside (if you’re in Melbourne, wasn’t yesterday perfect weather-wise?). Lots of day-dreaming about building a new house. I hung this colourful painting that my sister did for me last week:

Cute huh? (Please excuse the terrible iphone photos! My camera has died and I’m in desperate need of a new one!)

It’s not so much a copy but shall we say heavily inspired by a painting I love by Guy Maestri that I saw in a magazine:

I was in one of those really motivated moods yesterday when I finally got started on a few projects I’ve been putting off for ages, and turned this vintage Chippendale chair:

into this:

In the cold light of day I can see the seat needs another coat, which will have to wait until my next hit of motivation strikes! I did manage to have the two grey and white cushions (there’s another chair that matches) with black piping made ahead of time. I know the curtain doesn’t go well with the pillows, these are my thick lined curtains that we put up to keep the warmth in our little old house in winter. I know exactly what I want to replace them with, but I’m still trying to track down the fabric I have in mind (that’s probably another post altogether!).


Happy start of a new week xx

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