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Large-scale photographs as art

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vogue living

 My post the other day on a room by Philip Gorrivan got me thinking about using giant photographs instead of paintings. Photographs (they don’t have to be original, a print of a photo would do) bring a modern element into rooms where the furnishings are otherwise classic.


In that way they are like abstract paintings, but also more interesting because they are of people or scenes that we recognise and that can really set the mood for a room (though of course abstract paintings can also set a mood). As a budget-friendly option I like the idea of taking a quirky family photo and having it blown up and stretched onto a big canvas.

brad ford

Beach shots – taken from far enough away that you just see the colour and shapes but so that the people are unrecognisable – look particularly great.

rineke dijkstra

 Are you feeling brave? You could try this one (above) at home!

weiss palmer

 I love the 60s vibe of the photograph above, the way the suburban theme suits the banquette-style seating, and how the yellow and green is picked up in the photo. The citrus colours – lime green and yellow ikat – are an updated version of what many of us remember from childhood.


 This photo taken through a lace curtain (above) is beautiful! So serene yet it has an air of mystery too.

elle decor

 The giant black and white shot of a packed train platform in Ellen Pompeo’s kitchen lends an industrial edge that suits the space (above).

eric cohler

 Ok, so this one may be a painting, not a photograph (above, in a room by Eric Cohler). The yellow doesn’t match anything else in the room, so it stands out, and the colour looks great paired with blue walls and a black-and-white chequered floor.

steven gambrel

 Another beach shot in a room by Steven Gambrel. The subtle blue and yellow in the rug and cushion is picked up in the photograph.

vogue living

A fantastically composed (in my completely ameteur opinion!) black and white photo hangs above a fireplace in Catherine Martin’s Sydney house.

John Granen’s interior photography

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It’s funny how you (meaning I) take beautiful interior photos for granted. We talk about great decorators, designers and stylists but rarely about the skill required to capture the image just right. I have seen so much of John Granen‘s work – particularly in Traditional Home mag – before, but only recently became aware of his name! I love so many of his pics – take a look and I’m sure you’ll agree.

this image and images above design by Carrie Hayden

 I have always admired people who paint their doors black – I am determined to do it in my own home sometime. Though you need to have nicely moulded doors to do it! I love the combination in the pic above of the bathroom floor tiles, the black doors and the leopard-print carpet! And the black and white blind ties it all together. Brilliant!

for traditional home


for traditional home

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