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Hello All! It has been a very long time since I have visited this blog or posted here, and much has been happening in my life since I last posted on Live Breathe Decor. I have moved house, in fact moved across to the other side of Melbourne, which of course has involved re-settling the kids into a new school and getting to know a completely new area. We have completed a big renovation/extension and I’m still having lots of fun decorating the new parts of the house. I’ve also been busy continuing my design work and have worked on some lovely houses, meeting lovely people along the way.

But I wanted to stop back here to let my wonderful readers know that I have begun a new chapter work-wise, and how you can now reach me. I’ve said goodbye to Naomi Freier Interiors for now and opened a new home and lifestyle company, The Yarra Valley Home Co., in partnership with a successful Melbourne property development team based in the Yarra Valley. We share a passion not only for real estate, home improvement, decoration and design, but for living well and enjoying the best of beautiful Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

So whilst I’ll still be doing decorating and design work, the company offers a complete service which extends to connecting clients with trades and overseeing home improvements, managing larger renovations and property styling. We are also launching a shop in October which will stock furniture, homewares, custom cushions, fabrics, giftware and apparel. I am very excited to start this new chapter and I look forward to helping new clients! Please take a look at the new website and come back once the shop launches! And please subscribe on the website and to our instagram and facebook for updates on the work we are doing and new products.

You can reach me at my new email:

Please visit the new website here     

Instagram: @theyarravalleyhomeco

Facebook: @theyarravalleyhomeco


Naomi xx

More house hunting

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Or maybe I should say house dreaming…I love this one for two main reasons: First, the elevation! Having different levels and outlooks in a house is something I dream of, and I have a major weakness for any house on the high side of the street with steps leading up the entry. But aside from the elevation, this house has a very pretty face, and I like that it’s partly obscured by trees.

And here is reason number two: this fabulous room with the timber-lined pitched ceiling, dormer and circular windows, and french doors leading to the garden. If I had the chance to build only one room onto an existing house of mine, it would be a little something like this.

You can see the french doors are actually on both sides of this room, and yet it doesn’t look as though it lacks privacy. I like the central fireplace flanked by bookshelves. But the beauty of this room is the ceiling line and those upper windows facing the trees. Can you imagine this same room but with a flat ceiling? Not remotely as nice.

In the main bedroom the balcony and view across the treetops is amazing and must be wonderful for the lucky person who sleeps here!

I really like changes in levels in a house, and here the steps define the dining area which opens onto the large terrace. Wouldn’t this be a great house in summer, with those doors all open leading to the pool?

The white-painted pergola across the back areas of the house (which is actually the North-facing side of the house) really adds something beautiful doesn’t it? Even though there don’t seem to be any plants growing over it, and it doesn’t provide any shade, I think it smooths the transition from the house to the garden so that it works better overall.

This is such a great entertainer’s yard but also so great for kids. With that said, yes, I do see a very unobtrusive glass fence around the pool!

And, of course, the essential floorplan:

Have a great weekend,

Naomi xx

A living room work-in-progress

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Hello All! Things have been really busy here and I’ve been feeling guilty about not taking photos of what I’ve been doing and posting them on the blog. I really admire other bloggers who seem to always have the camera at the ready and who find the time to keep up to date and post every day! So I thought I’d share some progress made in a client’s living room instead of my daily happenings.


This casual living room off the kitchen is part of a more comprehensive house redecoration, and the client loves ‘Hamptons’ style using blues, white and greens. We used brighter colours in this room and more subtle versions of those colours in adjoining rooms. Above is the room before. It was pretty sparse. We moved the long basket hamper to another room and got rid of the sofa. Below are some quick snaps I took of the room in progress. We still need a big palm tree for the blue and white Chinese planter in the corner and a couple of other bits and pieces.

The client wasn’t a huge fan of the existing floor tiles in this room but we couldn’t replace them, so most of them were covered with a big sisal rug, with another blue and white striped rug layered over the top to define the sitting area.

I wanted to accessorize the coffee table and the whole home with a mix of new pieces and vintage finds. The round cream pot on the kitchen bench I found at an op shop, and the green Chinoiserie vase on the coffee table I bought on ebay. I like to use little accents of silver and brass in accessories, and of course there are a lot of shells throughout the house, and loads of wonderful coffee table books!

This room opens onto the garden, which was landscaped before I came on board. It’s a gorgeous mix of magnolias, box hedging, climbing jasmine and gardenias.


I’ve been busy house-hunting and have a few more houses to share, hopefully this week!

Naomi xx

Thinking about bedrooms

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I’ve been looking at houses online ahead of the weekend and dreaming of a bedroom with a view, a pitched ceiling and a fireplace- just like my all-time number one favourite bedroom (above), decorated by Michael Smith and belonging to Cindy Crawford. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I may need to build a house!

Another favourite also happens to be by the same decorator:

I picture this as my country house bedroom! Just love all the layering of fabric and pattern, and the blues. I really am itching to get started on a new project…

See you next week,

Naomi xx

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